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Adventure to Bagan and Answer the Question of things to Do in burma

There is always a popular question raising in mind of every tourist when they come to myanmar for a trip journey, which is “Where should I go?” or “What to do in Burma?” Continue with the topic of best places to adventure in burma, this today article will lead you to another very well known and pretty city in here – Bagan. If you are planning for a burma adventure, you should consider this offer because a tours to Bagan will definitely leave a fantastic impression on you. Let’s name some most outstanding features of Bagan which may attract foreign tourists to this land.
Visiting Bagan, you will inclue a occasion to watch over 2,000 stupas and majestic Hot Air Balloon, the relics of traditional Burmese which recalls our quiescent memories of the past. Besides, burma biking adventure and horse ride are two of the favorite activities of tourists going to Bagan. They are the interesting experiences that you should never skip once setting your feet here.

What to do in Burma


many citizen wonder why in such a religious country such as myanmar, Bagan has, even more, temples, pagodas, and monasteries than the capital Naypyidaw. Statistically, the number of these architectures have exceeded 2,200. Occupying over the acreage of 16 square miles in the central of the country, Bagan is actually the former capital of the original Burmese Empire. The antique temples were built during the period of ancient time and peaceful remained their ancient beauty up to now. Tourists spending their holidays to myanmar when going to go to Bagan will almost bring their time and get to the temples and pray for their luck and happiness. For a religious country like burma, this activity is highly respected.


There is an area in burma called “dry zone” because the amount of rainfall is very little there. Lying in the “dry zone” and in the middle of myanmar, the climate in Bagan is truly dry. The Rakhine Yoma mountain range prevents the influence of wet climate on this area. Going along with the lack of rain, the temperature in Bagan is usually high, with the average recorded above 30 Celsius degree over the year. In the summer, tourists should be prepared prior visiting here because the weather is truly hot, often over 35 Celsius degree. This period of time lasts from February to be able to. Aside from the probably worry about the weather, you could definitely enjoy your burma holidays to Bagan with lots of interesting experiences. Besides, in some days, the weather is really ideal for outside activities.

What to do in Burma

Transport means

tremendous people wonder about what to do in burma and how they may uncover Bagan while they possess no information about transport means here. This part of the article will help you to know about them all in detail.
In general, there are 4 main types of transport means for you to move around this city. All of them possess both advantages and disadvantages which will be said clearly below.


To travel Bagan by plane, you need to reach Yangon original because this is the only location in myanmar which has an international airport. From there, you can book a seat in an inland flight and go to Bagan within only 1 hour in your myanmar go to journey. As mentioned prior, Bagan is one of the most favorite places for tourists, so nowadays, there are flights to Bagan from every airport in myanmar.


Trains are also another choice for you as an economical option. A perfect schedule for you should be set from 4 p.m in Yangon, and you will get into Bagan at 9 a.m the next day. Besides, when you want to save more time for your burma holidays, it is also a amazing idea to go by train directly from Mandalay. This tour will carry 7 hours to adventure. However, a discomfort for numerous citizen is that the railway is not well-preserved so it is very bumpy.


If you calm want to save even more time and money, the bus system is available 24 hours per day. You could easily catch a bus to travel from Yangon or Mandalay to Bagan, even at night. There are some notes that you need to pay attention to if you want to adventure by this way but knowing nothing about what to do in myanmar. The road condition in from Mandalay to Bagan is not amazing, so you will often get nausea and feel uncomfortable. It is recommended to go by night buses, which are not only more comfortable but also reasonable in terms of the ticket price for travelers. You need to pay 18,000 kyats for a ticket and carry a bus to Bagan.


For tourists who want to uncover some odd and interesting experience, it can be a splendid picking to travel by ferry service. For luxurious service, it will bring about 5 hours to complete your route. For some slower ferry service, the time will ultimate three times as much, but you will possess chances to encounter and talk with the local people. It is the most comfortable is you choose to go by the night cruises across Irrawaddy River from Mandalay. Do not worry about the cost, you will have a variety of choices with the price for cruises in myanmar, ranging from cheap to pricey.

What to do in Burma

Notable sights

Ranking the original in this list of best places to adventure once going to Bagan must be Nyaung-U, located in the central Bagan. This is the most hustle and bustle in Bagan, where you can find everything you need for a comfortable tour to Bagan: hotels, restaurants, and transports.

Of course, visiting burma and especially Bagan, you cannot skip the charming temples and stupas. Almost everywhere here may you find out a typical temple, so it is demanding to point out a particular one in the best places to travel in myanmar. According to the experiences of numerous tourists, there are 3 highly recommended temples to go to when coming here. They include Ananda temple, Shwesandaw temple, and Shwezigon temple, all of which are very famous in Burmese tourism.

Aside from the noisy and modern atmosphere in such developing city, Bagan also attracts tourists for its quiet sights. To enjoy that beauty, you may hire a bike, horse or cat to move around the city. Indeed, it takes too much time to walk on foot and explore all the temples in Bagan, but it is way easier for you to get to by bike with a cheap price and experience that strange feeling. If you are not great at finding direction, it is reasonable to ask a local citizen for guides about what to do in burma. If they are ready, that’s truly great. Otherwise, you may hire them with very little money. Do not worry about the dissimilarities in terms of language. Nowadays, most of the drivers and tremendous people in myanmar can speak English well, especially in some countries for tourism like Bagan.

You must be surprised with this way of exploring Bagan: from hot-air balloons. It is really interesting to watch the city from a high altitude, particularly in the sunset. If you want to try this experience, why not now with this burma go to guide? You could find a ideal service from the company Balloons Over Bagan, which is guaranteed with high-quality service and well-trained guides. Of course, going along with this wonderful service, you need to pay $330 per person for an experience on the flight. Furthermore, this is not opened year round, so it is very hard to book a place except the period between September and March.

What to do in Burma

Suggestions for sights and activities in Bagan

What be able to you do for a trip to Bagan? Standing top of the list have to be biking. There is nothing to compare with this interesting experience because, in Bagan, you should keep peaceful and be slow to relax its peace and beauty. From Bagan, you be able to hire bicycles to get to to Mount Popa because the temple on its top is considered the best place for meditation in myanmar. Popa was a 1581-meter high volcano in the past, located 50 kilometers far from Bagan to the southeast. You burma excursions will not be boring because there are a lot of captivating sights on the way you move: jungles, fields, temples, villages and green gardens. All recalls you something both familiar and unique and odd.

A very appealing activity for active tourists to Bagan is taking part in cooking classes here. This is a amazing opportunity for you to discover the cuisine culture of this city. You be able to get to the market, experience the daily life and cooking habits of the local people as well as their eating tradition. It is always interesting to take part in and experience the life of other groups of citizen. In another word, it is splendid to live in another environment, change our former ways to live and make friends with the citizens through those activities. A very useful experience for tourists who are wondering about what to do in burma.

If you are interested in traditional values and activities like a puppet performance, “Yoke the” performances are for you. Bagan is one of the most well known cities for puppetry. You will know more about this art while attending a show in Bagan and watch the puppeteers controlling their puppets. There are surely other exciting traditional activities in Bagan daily, it is always recommended if you want to join some and learn more about another lifestyle or habit. As one of the most well-known and favorite customs in Bagan, “Yoke the” is always an extinct activity for you to try.

What to do in Burma

Once coming to Bagan, you should definitely experience the spectacle of sunset on a cruise. The sunset sight is always captivating everywhere, but it is totally different in Bagan, especially when you are on a cruise. Watching Bagan from a very prominent scenery such as sunset is always standing at top of best things to do in burma, you will feel more about the peace of this city combined with the mysterious beauty of various temples and stupas.

possess you pointed out the next place for you myanmar tour? If not yet, this is a perfect stop for you. Bagan is not only beautiful in terms of the sceneries, it is also pretty for the interesting activities and the hospitality of the local citizen. A definitely ideal answer for the question of what to do in myanmar. Do not hesitate so long, let’s pick up your bag right now and begin the trip to calm Bagan!

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