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Prepare for burma Traveling in Water Festival

Thingyan, myanmar Water Festival, takes site toward the end of the hot, dry season and ushers in the burma New Year. This biggest festival is the best chance for travellers who are seeking for authentic images of Asia

Water Festival Timing and Meanings?

Water festival is also known as Thingyan festival that is originated from the Buddhist version of a Hindu myth. Annually, water festival goes to mid April. This is the biggest festival in a year of Burmese. All people is off from their work to reunite with families and pay their careness to elder people.
Water festival is held in one of the hottest time with a meaning of using water to wash out bad lucks, so that amazing lucks to come.
>> Thingyan Eve (14 April): this day is for numerous religious activities. And by nightfall, locals begin their real fun time of festival by starting music, song and dance.
>> Water festival day (15 April): This day was taken because it was the day Thingyan really arrives as Thagyamin makes his descent from his celestial abode to earth.
>> Water festival day (16 April): this day is Thagya Min returns to the heavens, the last day of the water festival. During water festival, the government also relaxes some restrictions of gathering.
>> New Year Day (17 April): This day is for local visiting elder people and relatives. Younger citizen often perform hair washing for the elder in traditional manner with shampoo beans (Acacia rugata) and bark.

How the overall settings of burma Water Festival?

The offices are closed, banks are closed too. There is no public transport as well as major personal transport companies are also off. That means there is hardly overnight buses to connect long distances.
There are no train operating during those days, even you are well ready to bring the hardest train adventure – possibly all over Asia.
The sole point sounds splendid in transportation is domestic airlines working. But the ticketing offices are closed. Booking flights in improve are extremely advised.
Restaurants are closed, too. The best selection is eating at your hotels, inns or hostel because those accommodation types keep open.

get to to burma in Water festival – Yes or No?

No – there are tremendous reasons to say “NO”
  • The high possibility of services insufficiency be able to happen more often. That can lead to some surcharges from hotels or services quality downgrade.
  • You could get trouble in finding suitable modes of transport while domestic flights be able to beyond budget limits.
  • Delays in flights or documentary processing like Visa approval may incur and make effects to your plan.

Yes – there are tremendous MORE reason to say “YES”
  • This is the biggest festival in burma (Burma) - yes, one single in a year
  • One of the most fascinating festivals in Asia and most typical ceremony in tropical, hot country.
  • Witness or even participate in preparing activities with busy atmosphere.
  • Music, song and dance all night long to welcome the most important day of festivals.
  • There is no worries, no difference but just HAPPY.
  • Get into a “water fight”. There is no boundary between foreigners and locals.
  • Enjoying for unique experience in a year is definitely worthy to scarify some usual comfort.

advice to adventure in water festival
  • Booking in make progress few weeks or even month ahead will settle down the services insufficiency issue.
  • go to by air whenever and wherever possible but stay calm a day previous and AFTER the festival time as the transportation services are flocked up by locals.
  • make sure to get your Visa done before festival time.
  • Prepare for plastic bags or waterproof items to protect your electronic devices.
  • Plenty of easy-to-dried clothes to alter several times.
  • Prepare yourself mind to get involved in the biggest festival in the year and accept for all possible services changes and alternatives.

Water festival coincides with Easter holiday in Western countries. Are you ready to get wet in Easter holiday with SEA WANDER ? Drop us an email at or contact us for more information here.

Pretty landscape of Shan State

Shan state located at North East of the country can make the best attraction of any cultural and natural exploration to myanmar due to its hidden natural beauty with special Shan ethnic lifestyle.

Stupas at Kakku

The stupas at Kakku were built upon an area designed to look like the Buddha's footprint. The stupas at Kakku were built upon an area designed to look like the Buddha's footprint. Thought to inclue been originally constructed in the 16th Century, the origin of the stupa fields is currently unknown. The Stupas of Kakku are a short drive from Taunggyi, capital of the mountainous Shan State, and are best visited in March, when an annual festival takes destination.

Curious Fish, Fascinating people Home at Inle Lake.

Inle Lake certainly holds the distinction of being the highest lake in burma and home to some unlikely fish. At an altitude of just over 800 meters, the lake is one of the most special ecosystems in myanmar (Burma), playing home to mollusc and fish species that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Hidden Gems: Lashio

Lashio lies close to the Chinese border with burma and is a surprisingly large city for its remote location. It is the capital of the Shan Province and a hive of activity. The city itself is the beginning of the once infamous “Burma street." It was built to serve the Allied forces in myanmar and extends all the way to central China and the city of Kunming. The major highlight in Lashio is a Buddhist Temple. The Mansu temple is about 5 kilometers out of town and easy to reach by bicycle or taxi. It blends in perfectly with the scenery and, as with much of Lashio, the Chinese influences are clear in the design work.

Hidden Gems: Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong (or variously Kengtung, Chiang Tung, Kengtong, or Cheingtung depending on the local dialect being spoken) is a small town in Shan State. It’s worth noting that Kyaing Tong was until fairly recently in the center of the “Golden Triangle”. The area has only recently been opened to tourists. So when you decide to visit, you’ll be among the original foreigners for tremendous years to set foot in this friendly, rural community.

Astonishing 8,000 statuses in Pindaya Caves

The Pindaya Caves are set in the hills of Shan State close to Pindaya, a small city with a spidery legend. The best places to travel here is one of the three major caverns at Pindaya, only the southernmost cave is currently open to the public. It extends back into the hillside for about 500 feet or so. What makes it unique is not the cave itself but the 8,000 or so images of Buddha enshrined there. They were placed in the cave during the late 18th and early 19th centuries in the main. This reflects a very different Buddhist branch to main stream of myanmar.

Hidden Gems: Kalaw

Kalaw is a hill town located on the rolling hills of the Shan Plateau. It is a former colonial British hill station and there are some interesting colonial remains to realize. Primarily, however, Kalaw is fast developing a reputation for its hiking potential in the charming and scenic mountains. The weather is cool and the view is a charming combination of pine forests and bamboo groves. Notably it is located to the west of striking Inle Lake and tremendous travelers are now hiking between the two.

Walking at Yangon British Colonial Streets

Yangon, the biggest city and the former capital of myanmar, is a good site to visit. This city has the most colonial buildings in Southeast Asia and is regarded as “London” of this region. Hidden behind these red bricks and pastel-painted stucco facades are mysteries from a forgotten era when Yangon was the most cosmopolitan and thriving city in Southeast Asia.
yangon city tour
High Court Building, formerly known as the Parliament for Justice, built in 1914, before World War I

British burma existed for just above a half century (1885 – 1942), but Outer myanmar was the British colony from 1852. Yangon colonial buildings constructed in late 19th century, and really amazing about their various styles and structure. The British Raj disapproved of blending styles within a single city’s architecture. They told their consulting architect James Ransome “not to put up any Mongrel buildings”, and guided him to style “Calcutta Classic, Bombay Gothic, Madras Saracenic, Yangon Renaissance”.
Downtown Yangon, the central business district, such as an open-air museum, looks refreshingly different from every other big city in Southeast Asia. Block after block of constructions characteristic columns, domes, balconies, art deco trim, and even a clock tower.
These structures include civic and governmental buildings, concentrated in eastern Sule Pagoda. Road names here are reminiscent of London: Strand street, Bank street, Merchant street, Pansodan street (or Phayre street); while the atmosphere makes remember the past Shanghai, Hong Kong or Singapore.
“Yangon has captured a sense of time that has been lost in Singapore and Hong Kong." said Ian Morley, an assistant professor in the history department at Chinese University of Hong Kong. "You (Yangon’s residents) possess this downtown environment, which is relatively intact. It's got a sense of historical integrity as it was built from the late 1800s and early 1900s."
The century-old buildings had the fashions of the decade, commonly combining the latest European styles with oriental influences, creating a dramatic and eclectic cityscape. This durable architectural heritage recalls images of English cities such as London or Liverpool. Apartment buildings painted pale blue and green, with shuttered windows, filigree balconies and steep wooden stairs. In this extraordinary collection, some elegant, some imposing, some delicate. Even, people can be found several of most excellent Victorian Architecture of London calm standing at this global-half side.
yangon city tours 2
An first colonial building
The most prestigious business address was Lower Pansodan road. Big banks, offices and department stores filled majestic buildings. Strand Hotel is a unique mansion by its liveried doormen, ancient floor tiles and whirling ceiling fans. With the new investment, it once again become a magnet for wealthy travelers. Another reminder of great British myanmar is Pegu Club, where British imperial officers used to smoke cigars, played billiards, and sip their global cocktail - gin, lime juice, orange curaçao and bitters.
yangon strand hotel
Strand hotel, Victorian-style, built in 1896 is the most salient and pricey hotel in Yangon

"The same economic influences that built the grand antique mills and commercial firms of Manchester's city centre and Sheffield University's red-brick buildings after the industrial revolution helped to build colonial Yangon, and the physical resemblances are startling," said Dr. Su Lin Lewis, a fellow at the Institute of Historical Research in London. "In contrast, the city's narrow apartment buildings own resonances in downtown Calcutta and Chinese shop-houses in Penang and Singapore. The whole of Yangon is so special and evocative it may be used as a film set."
"Yangon's heritage buildings are an important part of the city's and the country's history and inclue a wealth of cultural capital," Dr. Lewis added. "They may become a draw for tourism as well as for creative development – some have already been restored as restaurants and hotels, but there's also room to restore them as museums, galleries and office buildings."
However, due to the economic development in Yangon recently, some colonial buildings disappeared, even a whole of a road. They are threatened by demolition to make way for new office blocks and shopping mall.
In 1996, the Yangon City Development Committee issued a heritage list that includes 189 buildings that cannot be changed or demolished without the committee's permission. “This has helped to ensure the survival of tremendous of the city's most important old buildings”, said Dr. Zaw Win, the YCDC's chief engineer, “although tremendous, especially those owned by relocated government ministries, contain been left to decay.”
Yangon colonial-era buildings are as memories of days gone by. They are valuable because they own unique ancient architectural features. They reflect images of the former Yangon, which had ever been a prosperous and bustling city, a key note in international trade and finance networks. Yangon’s old-style colonial architecture is priceless, which needs to be researched and preserved.

Even though the capital of burma was moved to Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon is the most important port for any trips to burma due most airlines scheduling their routs in and out from Yangon. A city journey in Yangon is a ought to for all travellers with Shwedagon pagoda - the iconic symbol of burma as well as a walk along colonial streets to recal Victorian time. You could combine Yangon journey with other places for a complete burma package or carry a sole Yangon excursion by referring here!

Top Three Places for Balloon in myanmar

The primary Myanmar’s commercial balloon ride was taken destination in 1999. Since that time, balloon rides inclue become a highlight in myanmar tours. These balloons were made by British and own a perfect safety record. They usually do not run in summer. has the honor to introduce three hot balloon ride places to travelers: Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake.

1/ Balloon over Bagan
Bagan became the central powerbase in middle 9th century under King Anawratha. The old city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom from 9th to 13th century, the first kingdom unifying the regions, which would be later into state of the art myanmar today. Bagan is located in Mandalay region.
On an exclusive balloon rides, travelers may contemplate the unrivalled overview of all Bagan ancient city, along with Ayeyarwady river in the west and mountains in the east.
Balloon over Bagan Myanmar

From high altitude, thousands of diverse temples, stupas and other historic sites with variety of shapes and sizes reveal imposingly. On balloons, you be able to find the golden Shwezigon, the primary Buddhist temple, while listen to stories about the King Anawratha, who built Shwezigon in 1057 and started the Burma’s temple building tradition, which lasted over 230 years. Stupas after stupas, temples after temples appear breathtaking, the series of antique images drift below you. A balloon ride is the greatest way to capture entirely the majesty of the temple complex, rather than a visit from ground.
Bagan view from Balloon

The pilot will lead you to Ayeyarwady river, you be able to realize the local life. Panoramic scenery also comprise green fields and mountains. You can catch glimpse of the volcanic Mt. Popa to the east and Taungyi Taung on hilltop.
Sunrise is the most beautiful time to take a Bagan balloon ride, to feel slowly the glamorous and secretive Bagan unfolds under your eyesight.

2/ Balloon over Mandalay
Mandalay is the Myanmar’s central culture and education, as well as an important trade and social hub. As a crowded city, it is truly busy, but also extremely interesting to visit.
Founded over 155 years ancient by King Mindon, the city has retained the old Palace, surrounded by an extensive moat and city wall.
explore Mandalay, there is no better way than by a balloon ride, which makes the whole of historic Mandalay open up below your eyes: temples, people, and hidden sights. Highlights include Mandalay Hill tower in the north, Ayeyarwady river in the west and U Bein Bridge in the south.
The balloons will take off at the morning, when the view engulf in mist. Travelers will encounter different scenes: hasty life on streets, hasty trade’s residents at markets, holy space in temples, and monks walking in long queues with bare foot on ground.
Balloon over Mandalay

In Ayeyarwady river, herds of buffaloes wade in stream. Boats of all shapes and sizes load fully goods and passengers. You may observe frenetic traffic in this plentiful river.
U Bein Bridge near Amarapura is the world’s longest teak footbridge, mild curving 1,300 yards, spanning over Taungthaman lake. If possible, pilots will lower the balloon close to the lake’s surface, you be able to watch the enchanted and tranquil scenery of silent water-face, prior to bringing you back to land nearby.

3/ Balloon over Inle Lake
Spectacular, unusual and incredible, Myanmar’s Inle Lake is one of the most featured places in our planet. The balloon tour officially launched in Oct 2014 (details here) will propostion you a panorama about this stunning lake along with the silent life here.
Leg-rowing fishermen, stilted villages, floating vegetable gardens, up-and-down boats and layered mountains surrounding the lake are the most common scenes in Inle Lake. The aerial expedition will begin in early morning, when mist covers everywhere and the spectacle is magical.
Balloon over Inle Lake

When the Inle balloon lifts slightly off the ground, amazing sights disclose in front of your eyes. The flight moves at various heights above the water-face. The whole of immense Inle lake, mountains and marshes will be embraced into your vision. This is awesome! If being a cultural curious person, you can observe overall the local living activities, from stilt dwellings, primitive boats or motorized canoes carrying tourists along original canals. Specially, you will be surprised by well-killed Intha fishermen, who row their skiffs by one leg while casting their nets, using legs to control other fishing tools.
Immersing serene markets. You be able to meet Inle’s known for festivals. The balloons also glide slowly through bird sanctuaries and teak monasteries. Possibly, you will say “hello” to Ywama village, well-known by its tall teak stilted houses and its floating market; or wave your hands to Maing Thauk, the particular village with its wooden bridge.

Shwedagon Pagoda - Golden Icon of myanmar

No trip to burma can complete without a travel to the 2,500 years antique Shwedagon Pagoda, which enshrines strands of Buddha's hair and other holy relics.
Located west of the Royal Lake on 114 -acre Singuttara Hill in Yangon, Shwedagon Pagoda is the most sacred and impressive Buddhist destination for the citizen of the Union of burma. From a humble beginning of 8.2 meters, the Shwedagon Pagoda today stands close to 110 meters. Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with hundreds of gold plates and the top of the stupa is encrusted with 4531 diamonds; the largest of which is a 72 carat diamond. It is clearly one of the wonders of the religious world.

Shwedagon Pagoda is a repository of the best in myanmar heritage – architecture, sculpture and arts. The Shwedagon Pagoda consists hundreds colorful temples, stupas, and statues that reflects the architectural era spanning almost a 2,500 years. To understand this monumental work of art and architecture, you should take an insider's view of this rich symbol of Buddhism to the lives of the myanmar citizen. Shwedagon Pagoda forms the focus of religious as well as community activities – the bustling of devotees and monks washing the statues, offering flowers, worshiping, and meditating. Shwedagon Pagoda is administered by the Board of Trustees of Shwedagon Pagoda.

In the pagoda, there are 8 planetary posts corresponding to 8 planets and 7 days in the week; Wednesday is divided into two (A.M. And P.M.). These post are marked by animals that show the days – Tiger for Monday, Lion for Tuesday, Tusked Elephant for Wednesday morning, Tuskless Elephant for Wednesday afternoon, Rat for Thursday, Guinea Pig for Friday, Nāga or Serpent Dragon for Saturday and Galon for Sunday.

Burmese citizen believed there were 7 planets of astrology — Moon (Monday), Mars (Tuesday), Wednesday morning (Mercury), Wednesday afternoon (Rahu), Jupiter (Thursday), Venus (Friday), Saturn (Saturday) and Sun (Sunday). It is important to the Burmese to know on which day of the week they were born, as this will determine their exact planetary post among the 8 posts to hold traditional rites and pray.

Updated Note Feb 2015: Shwedagon pagoda is undergoing renovation and most parts are covered with bamboo sticks. The renovation is supposed to complete around April 2015. During this time, HIT myanmar is very sorry for any inconvenience caused to passengers visiting this site.

For your visiting information

Opening Hours: 04:00 - 22:00 hrs daily, except on the following days that Shwedagon Pagoda is open 24 hours:
1.Waxing Day of Tabaung – the day before full moon day of the burma Lunar month Tabaung (around March) and
2.Waxing Day of Wakhaung – the day prior full moon day of the burma Lunar month Wakhaung (around June which is the beginning of the Buddhist Lent).

Entrance Fee: $8.00 per person
Shwedagon pagoda has 4 entrances: East, West, South and North. All foreigners have to enter through South Gate to purchase tickets while Burmese can get into via the remaining gates without fee.
Dress code: wear trousers or at least knee length shorts or skirt; t-shirts with elbow length sleeves are also expected and you are expected to be barefooted when entering Shwedagon Pagoda.
Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon

Shwedagon Pagoda

Visiting tip: Morning at Shwedagon is believed as the most scared and radiant moment. Rise up early, walk to the pagoda and wait for the sun puts the first light in a purer morning through golden roof; you will get the extraordinary, magical image of the pagoda that is not normally seen.

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Top 3 Pagodas ought to Seen in Bagan myanmar

Bagan, burma has over 2,200 stupas and pagodas. It can take you several days to find out them all. Here is top three most important pagodas that you should never miss when visiting Bagan - the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage place.

Ananda Temple

This is the Bagan's holiest temple, built by the third king, Kyan-zit-tha in 1091. Ananda comes from the Pali word "anantapannya", which means "boundless wisdom". The temple houses four Buddhas facing the cardinal directions, which express the four Buddhas who inclue attained Nirvana. The fifth, Maitreya, is yet to appear. This is the most important temple in all out of thousand stupas in Bagan.
Location: Left side on the southern stretch of the Bagan-Nyaung Oo Rd. Just before the street heads to Tharaba Gate of antique Bagan.


Shwesandaw Temple

This is the "sunset temple", because you will stay here to landscape the spectacular Bagan sunset. This surely proffer the best opportunity for photography. You will encounter numerous other foreign traveler as well as local Burmese gather here for most prominent moment of the day. You should get here early to climb up to the top levels and keeps a kind-hearted site. The top levels are small and space is scarce. The climb up is a reasonably easy 5 minute walk up a flight of stairs, but the steps get narrower and steeper close to the top. Not recommended for those with vertigo, but if you can make the climb, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking sunset as the temples and landscape are set ablaze in golden sunrays. A wonderful compromise is to climb to the 3rd or 2nd highest level, where the steps are much more manageable than the topmost level, is less crowded, and the landscape is just as amazing. It starts getting crowded here as early as 4:30pm, so if you can not make it as early as said, consider taking a sight from the Shwe-Gu-Gyi temple nearby instead (easily passable if on bike).

Shwezigon Temple

This gourd-stupaed golden pagoda is the original and prototype monument (including for the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon) built in myanmar style in 1087. Appareantly, it is rather alike to Shwedagon pagoda, but its history and story ara always attract tourist to go to. Careful on the stall vendors, they are the pros employing hard sell psycho tactics.
Location: Heading south, right side on the northern stretch of the Bagan-Nyaung Rd. After passing the bus station. A long covered walkway with souvenir stalls starts from the street to the compound.

Bagan is one of the most known for places in myanmar then all packages tour often include an excursions to Bagan. Depending on your interest of temples, pagodas and Buddhism, we could manage the lenght of stay accordingly or add some extra, active activities for best diverse experiences.

Jumping Cat Monastery in Inle Lake

The must-seen site for any tour to Inle Lake, myanmar is jumping cat monastery. The monastery is not only unique itself in architecture but the wonderful train of such the lazy creature as cats to become professional entertainers
Nga Phe Kyaung is a wooden monastery, which was built on stilts on Inle Lake, myanmar just north of Ywama. This monastery was built in 19th-century on stilts with an fantastic collection of Buddha statues. The monastery set on wooden and mosaic pedestals that are hundreds of years ancient. The most known for characteristic of this monastery is for its cats that were trained by the monks to jump through small hoops.

The monastery has indeed become a considerate of refuge for cats. The monks bring tender loving care of their four-legged friends, and much to the enjoyment of the spectators the cats performed tricks: for a piece of food they jump through rings which the monks hold up high.

Updated on August 2014 by : the cats at the monastery now possess not jumped any longer because their trainer – a monk – had passed away. Now you may get to this site for featured architectural piece of the wooden monastery and play around with mysterious but beautiful cats. We could manage a jumping cat show at a local restaurant, please contact us!

Jumping cat monastery Inle lake

Jumping cat pagoda myanmar

Jumping cat pagoda inle lake

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Golden History of Mon citizen and Kingdom

The Mon is a small ethnic group living in Southern part of burma. The citizen has their own interesting history and culture. This is a snapshot about their golden age when they ruled myanmar
The Mon are an ethnic group of burma (Burma) living mostly in Mon State, Bago Region, the Irrawaddy Delta and along the southern border of Thailand and burma. One of the earliest peoples to reside in Southeast Asia, the Mon were responsible for the spread of Theravada Buddhism in Indochina. The Mon were a major source of impact on the culture of myanmar. They speak the Mon language, an Austroasiatic language, and share a common origin with the Nyah Kur citizen of Thailand from the Mon mandala (polity) of Dvaravati.
The eastern Mon assimilated to Thai culture long ago. The western Mon of burma were largely absorbed by Bamar society but continue fighting to preserve their language and culture and to regain a greater degree of political autonomy. The Mon of myanmar are divided into three sub-groups based on their ancestral region in Lower Myanmar: the Man Nya from Pathein (the Irrawaddy Delta) in the west, the Man Duin in Bago in the central region, and the Man Da at Mottama in the southeast.

Mon Kingdom or Hanthawaddy Kingdom

Kingdom of the Mon people, who were powerful in the whole burma (Burma) country from the 9th to the 11th and from the 13th to the 16th century and for a brief period in the mid-18th century. The Mon migrated southward from western China and settled in the Chao Phraya River basin (of southern Thailand) about the 6th century AD.
After the Mon moved westward into the Irrawaddy River delta of southern myanmar in the ensuing centuries, they acquired Theravāda Buddhism. By 825 they had firmly established themselves in southern and southeastern myanmar and founded the cities of Pegu and Thaton.
About the same period, southward-migrating Burmans took over lands in central myanmar and established the kingdom of Pagan. In 1057 Pagan defeated the Mon kingdom, capturing the Mon capital of Thaton and carrying off 30,000 Mon captives to Pagan.

After the fall of Pagan (1287) to the invading Mongols, the Mon, under Wareru, regained their independence and captured Martaban and Pegu, thus virtually controlling their before held territory. The following 200 years witnessed incessant warfare between the Mon and the Burmans, but the Mon managed to retain their independence until 1539, when they came under the domination of Toungoo myanmar. In 1757, after a revelation, Burmans permanently took over the Mon. The Mon now quiescent centred in southeastern burma, though their numbers are small compared to those of the ethnic Burmese.

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Brand New burma River Cruise Opens for Bookings

SEA WANDER proudly introduces newest, top luxury cruise in myanmar - Anawrahta (formerly Shin Arahan), a masterpiece of combining between traddional Buddhist ideas with mordern British technology of ship building

Shin Arahan Cabin - Luxury Myanmar Cruise

With the largest cabin space on the Irrawaddy, and the highest crew to passenger ratio, The Anawrahta offers the finest onboard experience in myanmar. This impressive vessel is initiated with a name after an 11th century monk, Shin Arahan, well known his courage and wisdom. However, as respect for the ethnic minorities and sensitivities within the country that do not use the religious personages, the cruise company decided to change its name in to "Anawrahta" cruise.

Anawrahta cruise is the perfect vessel on which to discover Myanmar’s mighty Irawaddy River. Built to resemble a British colonial paddle steamer, the elegant 65-meter-long, Anawrahta river cruise features three spacious decks and 23 magnificent cabins. With its gleaning white rails, polished lacquer, intricately carved woodwork and shining brass, The Anawrahta takes guests back in time to an era of bygone elegance.
Built : 2015
Port : Yangon / myanmar, and other Irrawaddy river ports depending on season
Cruising Area: Irrawaddy River and Chindwin River
Vessel’s Registry: myanmar
Type of Vessel : River Cruiser
Length : 65 meters / 213 feet
Beam : 14 meters / 45 feet
Draft : 0.9 meters / 3 feet
Gross Tonnage: 650 tons
Cruising speed : 12 knots
Electricity : 220 Volts
Engines : 2 Caterpillar
Generators: 3 Caterpillar
Water : Reverse osmosis grow with UV filtration and ozone treatment
AC : Centralized air-conditioning system throughout the vessel, independent control in each cabin
Laundry : Full laundry service on board
Internet : Wifi-internet in public areas, connectivity depending on 3G coverage
Safety : International safety standard, including smoke and fire alarm system throughout the ship, emergency lighting systems, emergency communication system, evacuation equipment, Defibrillator (AED) on board, crew is trained on primary aid.
Crew : 38 crew members, including Cruise manager and English speaking guides
Capacity : 46 Passengers
relax the comforts you’d await in a fine resort on land with a waterfront spectacle that’s constantly changing. When building the Anawrahta, we sourced materials, handicrafts and fine arts from the best artisans and artists throughout the country. The private staterooms and public venues showcase the talent of local artists, tremendous of whom employ traditional skills passed down for generations.
Shin Arahan Luxury Double cabin

Deluxe Stateroom
The Anawrahta’s 16 beautifully appointed deluxe rooms are decorated with original handicrafts, locally-carved wood panels and richly-textured fabrics inspired by the brocade of Burma’s ethnic minority groups. Broad windows and serene colors inspire total relaxation.
Size: 32 square meters / 344 square feet.
Junior Suites
Named after some of the most magical temples in Bagan, the Anawrahta offers three Junior Suites: the Ananda, the Bupaya and the Mauna. Combining dark, regal wood with the bright oranges, saffrons and greens of the floral offerings presented at temples, these suites offer a comfortable seating area and a private balcony from which to relax the lush beauty of the Irrawaddy.
Size: 48 square meters / 517 square feet.
Executive Suites :
Located on the Terrace Deck, each of our two Executive Suites is a spacious 59 square meters, including an indoor seating area and a private balcony. Polished wood, locally-made brocade and artefacts collected in Mandalay, Bagan and Yangon create a relaxing yet exotic ambiance. These suites are named after two of Bagan’s most intriguing temples, the Hindu temple of Nanpaya and the Buddhist temple of Sulamani.
Size: 59 square meters/635 square feet, including 16.5 square meters/177 square feet of balcony space.
Royal Suites
The Anawrahta cruise offers two opulent Royal Suites, the Yazakumar, named after a Bagan Dynasty prince known for his filial love and piety,and the Arahan. Equipped with a personal terrace and a individual Jacuzzi, these outstanding suites feature elaborate woodcarvings, fine works of Burmese art, and handmade artefacts commissioned throughout myanmar.
Size: 86 square meters / 926 square feet, including a terrace of 29 square meters / 312 square feet balcony with a personal Jacuzzi
Anawrahta cruise suggestion 3 programs setting the most luxury myanmar tours: Golden Land Voyage sailing between Mandalay and Bagan 5 days, great Irrawaddy sailing between Yangon and Bagan 8 days and Exotic Chinwind river 12 days sailing between Mandalay and Bagan.
  • The very original embarkation is Exotic Chinwind at 19 Sep 2015
  • following is Golden Land Voyage on 11 Oct 2015
  • And primary embarkation of amazing Irrawaddy river on 15 Oct 2015

SEA WANDER is proud to be very first agent offering Super Deals for grand Opening of the Anawrahta, ultimate luxury cruise in burma. Requests of brochure, program and bookings by clicking here or please kindly send to:
SEA WANDER Limited Company
Email: info(at)seawander(dot)asia
Hotline: 84-90-224-3637

Experience Yangon Circular Train

With as cheap as about one US dollars, a foreigner may enjoy true essence of Yangon local life with a train ride through captivating rural landscapes.
While Yangon is a fast-paced, chaotic city to get lost in, riding the Circle Line train provides a window into the daily routine of the burma people away from the commercial center of the country. Train Circle, which has existed since British colonial times, marks an essential cultural feature to Yangon people.
The train begins from Yangon Central Railway Station to Mingaladon Railway Station close to Yangon International Airport, via Insein to the west and Okkalapa in the east. When you arrive at the station, train guards will immediately point you in the right direction of the adventurer ticket booth as you pass through the aged platforms, rusting antiquated trains and families sleeping rough on any spare space available.
Myanmar Station
The carriage rocks and rumbles as you slowly make your way through 45.9 kilometres of track via 39 stations which form a loop around Yangon. Stopping at each and every station for only a minute or two, citizen clamber on with only seconds to spare, lugging on more belongings than you may squeeze into an average sized car boot. The train returns back to Yangon’s city station before making the identical journey over and over again throughout the day (about 20 times with 100,000 to 150,000 sold per day), until the early afternoon. The loop, which takes about three hours to complete, is a wonderful way to find a cross section of life in Yangon.
The train schedule is from 3:45 am to 10:15 pm daily. The cost of a ticket for a distance of 15 miles is one hundred kyats - local myanmar currency (approx. Nine US cents), and that for over 15 miles is two hundred kyats (about 18 US cents). For our customers, mostly foreigners, you will pay 1 USD or 1200 Kyat in a little ticket office on platform seven in Central Railway Station regardless of the length of the journey and ticket is valid for the whole day. That’s fantastic way to notice the views of Yangon surrounding changing at each stop.
Yangon Circle Train Myanmar

Some words of Train Circle in burma history

Yangon Circular Railway was built during colonial times by the British for short transfer around the city. In July 2011, the Ministry of Rail Transportation announced that it intended to privatize the Yangon Circular Railway, since the government-run system operates at a loss for the government.
In December 2012, Japan International Cooperation Agency began its collaboration with Yangon City Development Committee to expand a master plan for the Greater Yangon region, including the issue of public transport.
While train visit in burma generally is a real issues that need your consider much, Yangon Circular train is amazing method for those one who want to experience something truly local. The train experience of 45 minutes up to 2-3 hours is interesting experience because of its uniqueness that you never find in other parts of South East Asia countries, let alone Western ones.
Suggested tour:
We overture a package tour to experience tremendous modes of transport in myanmar including air adventure, train ride, local bus go to, boat cruising combining with easy hiking to experience best parts of this wonderful country.
Click here for tours details

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Flying over Inle Lake, myanmar by Hot Air Balloon

Inle Lake is the largest lake of myanmar, nested among mountains of the Shan State. Inle lake is often known as the top places in myanmar for trekking and adventures. Adding more activities to tours lovers, Holiday Indochina - - introduces a new product – Inle hot air balloon – for new and unique experience when travelling to burma

How the trip look like?

The passengers will rise up early for being collected from hotel and transfer by boat to the balloon point. The morning mist of the lake is also a kind image to relax the trip from beginning. Arriving in the balloon checking point, an experience UK-licensed Commercial Balloon Pilot will provide a comprehensive safety briefing. After that, the balloon will take off gently. The flight duration is about 1 hour

Balloon in Myanmar

What is the highlights?

The passenger will certainly relax the best panoramic spectacle of the lake when the balloon gets the standard height. Depending on the wind, the scenery be able to be diverse with:
- Motorized canoes transporting visitors along the main canal from Nyaungshwe on a day’s expedition
- Intha fish men is rowing the boats with one legs
- The layered mountain surrounding the lake
- Floating vegetables and gardens
In some occasions of festivals or better weather with strong winds, the passengers will contain lucky chances to witness:
- Inle renowned festivals at hidden villages under the shadow of the mountain
- Across the bird sanctuary
- Or even to even to Ywama village with its tall teak stilted houses and its well known floating market.
The passengers booking Balloon trip will enjoy fresh tee, coffees and light cake previous taking off. After landing, relax fresh water, fruit juice, fruit and a celebratory champagne style chilled gleaning wine in glass flutes whilst the enthusiastic crew pack the balloon away.

Is that trip safe?

All pilots are UK-licensed Commercial Balloon Pilot who are well trained and experienced with balloon ride control.
If the winds are too light for the balloon to cross the lake, the pilots are experienced enough with advanced practiced to land the balloon at the top a purpose-built floating balloon platform that follows the balloon all the time. The balloon will then be “sailed” back to shore, adding an extra dimension to morning’s flight.

How to book?

The trip is taking the very primary flight on Oct 2014. And now open for booking via our website With new hot air balloon trip in Inle, now passengers possess more options to take balloon ride: in Bagan, in Mandalay and in Inle Lake (Myanmar)

Request us by mail at info(at)seawander(dot)asia

Train get to - Real journey in myanmar

Train visit in burma could be a true journey trip if you are not well papeared and accept for real infrastruture conditions in myanmar. However, it be able to be very fun and featured experience that you can never see in another country

If thinking about experiencing several modes of transport in myanmar, traveling by train be able to be an unforgettable experience to them. Depending on your physical condition, this could make your burma tours from challenging to adrenaline bumping adventures. However, train riding be able to be the best way to attempt challenging experiences as local citizen. Let look into this deeper with's real experience in our FAM trip on Aug 2014 to decide this tour suits you or not.
Train in Myanmar
SEA WANDER inspect trip on Aug 2014. Train from Yangon - Mandalay in 15 hours. This official helped us very much to keep our door locked (actually fastened !?!) during the night trip.
Myanmar Travel by Train
The most famous and possibly longest rout train is Yangon – Mandalay. It departs at 5 pm, ends at 8 am of the following days and takes 15 hours sharply. If you have to get this kind of trip, be sure that you are strong enough to survive when the trip finishes. Generally, Myanmar’s trains are antique. The railway tracks were degraded seriously and the carriages shake so intensively that it is impossible to read or even walk. Throughout the way, trains shake continuously, sway left to right, then jump up to down. It will be very much beyond your imagination and completely in the opposite side to trains adventure in Vietnam or any other SEA countries. Inside cabins, fans – yes, soft berth – yes, air conditioners – no, lock – kinda…yes, actually a hook which easily loose off because of train shaking. The advice is to try to look for some fasteners to keep the door “locked” (!?). The train moves rather fast but due to the rail way condition that makes the whole carriage bounce steadily. (View clip details here)
myanmar train travel in Mandalay

So that is the review, let answer fundamental questions:
- Is it cheap? Yes, definitely around US$ 40 compare to a flight at around US$ 110 to US$ 120.
- How is its hard level? Challenging to adrenaline bumping.
- Is it worth to experience? Very much depends. If you are very interested in real local life, very fantastic health, hunger for real journey, the answer is yes. Otherwise, think about it again.
- Roughly pick one word, do you offer it for regular travel? Nope.
- Is there any alternative inexpensive such as this? Yes. VIP buses, overnight drive at around US$ 20-30/person per way. State of the art vehicle, smooth street, business seats and lavatory installed.
- I am a bit worried but it sounds so fun, I just want to experience train a little bit. What do you recommend? Ok. Take a shorter train such as from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin or Yangon Circle Train
A deluxe, premium train might be launched around Oct – Nov 2014 with an expectation of more convenient and easier ride. This information probably take happiness for travelers who tend to bring a myanmar adventure in the future, and also overture more choices for them, comfortable feeling or interestingly challenging feeling as local people.

burma now is changing so fast, so stay tuned and keep updated with us!

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Burma Embassies List and Visa Updates

Visa on arrival now process only directly with Government at since Sep 2014. Please kindly note that there is no agent be able apply traveler Visa by another way. SEA WANDER may support our travelers to deal with this by filling the form at this portal and paying on your behalf when you feel confused with the form and procedure.
There are two ways to obtain burma (Burma) Visa for tourists:
  • From Sep 2014, the primary one is e-Visa at the only and single address of (notice the detail here). The portal is now for both traveler Visa and Business Visa. 100 Countries are now available to choose on the system. Online payment by cards (credit/debit) are accepted.
  • The second way is going to your most convenient diplomatic offices as listed below.

This is a list of Embassies and Consulates Overseas of burma. Please note that you will need the Hard Copy of our passport and the applicants can be required to attend in person at the Embassies/Consulates.
The procedure and fee could be slightly different among embassies.
Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei are excempted with the length of stay upto 14 days.
If your flights transit up to 24 hours in Bangkok we be able to help to get Visa with express services. The documents need submitting previous 10Am and get Visa around 4pm in the same day. Please contact to our Consultants for best support of getting myanmar Visa at 84-902 24 3637

Burmese Embassies and Consulates Overseas

Australia22 Arkana road, Yarralumla ACT 2600, Canberra, Australia+61262733811
AustriaAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Germany-
BelgiumGeneraal Wahislaan 9, 1030 Schaarbeek, Belgium+3227019381
BrazilSHIS QI 25 Conjunto 5 Casa 14, Lago Sul, Brasilia DF 71.660-250, Brazil+556132483747
Cambodia181 Preah Norodom Boulevard, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I, Khan Chamcar Mon, Phnom...+85523223761
Canada85 Range street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 8J6, Canada+16132329990
China6 Dong Zhi Men Wai Da Jie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, People's Republic of Chin...+861065320359
Czech RepublicAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Germany-
DenmarkAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Germany-
FinlandAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Germany-
France60 Rue de Courcelles, 75008 Paris, France+33156881590
GermanyThielallee 19, 14195 Berlin, Germany+49302061570
Hong Kong2401-2405, 2436-2440 Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour road, Hong Kong+85228450810
HungaryAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Germany-
India3/50F Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021, India+911126889007
IndonesiaJl. Haji Agus Salim No 109, Menteng, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia+62213158908
IrelandAccredited through Burmese Embassy in United Kingdom-
ItalyViale di Villa Grazioli, 29-00198 Roma, Italia+390636304056
Japan4-8-26 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001, Japan+81334419291
LaosThai Friendship road, Ban Watnak, Sisattanak District, Vientiane, Laos+85621314910
MacauAccredited through Burmese Embassy in China-
Malaysia8(C) Jalan Ampang Hilir, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia+60342516355
MaldivesAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Sri Lanka-
MexicoAccredited through Burmese Embassy in United States-
NetherlandsOveraseweg 96, 4836 BC Breda, Netherlands+310765317317
New ZealandAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Australia-
NorwayAccredited through Burmese Embassy in United Kingdom-
Philippines8F Gervasia Corporation Centre, 152 Amorsolo street, Legaspi Village, Makati Cit...+6328931944
PolandAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Germany-
PortugalAccredited through Burmese Embassy in France-
Russia41-B Nikitskaya (Gertsena), Russia+74956915684
Singapore15 St. Martin's Drive, Singapore 257996+6567350209
South Africa201 Leyds road, Arcadia, 0083 Pretoria, South Africa+27123412557
South Korea723-1, 724-1 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-210, Republic of Korea+8227903814
SpainAccredited through Burmese Embassy in France-
Sri Lanka4A Rosmead Avenue, Rosmead site, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka+94112681007
SwedenAccredited through Burmese Embassy in United Kingdom-
SwitzerlandAvenue Blanc 47, 1202 Genève, Switzerland+41229069870
TaiwanAccredited through Burmese Embassy in Hong Kong-
Thailand132 Sathon Nua street, Bangkok 10500, Thailand+6622340278
TurkeyÇetin Emeç Bulvarı 1328 Sokak No 6/1 Öveçler Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey+903124725016
United Arab EmiratesAccredited through Maldivian Embassy in Turkey-
United Kingdom19A Charles road, London, W1J 5DX, United Kingdom+442074994340
United States2300 S street, NW, Washington DC 20008, USA+12023323344
Vietnam298A Kim Ma road, Hanoi, Vietnam+84438453369

Burma Best Golf Courses

burma has tremendous international criteria golf courses which could satisfy any golfer at different levels of professionals. Here is the list of three top ones. Your could contact us if you want more golfing days in your vacation

The Pun Hlaing Golf Club

Situated in the northwest of Yangon city, only 8 miles away from the city centre, the Pun Hlaing Golf club features a 18-hole, 7,012 yards golf course superbly designed by the legendary Gary Player.
With its glamorous views of the Hlaing and Pun Hlaing rivers, and the spectacular backdrop of Shwedagon Pagoda from several holes. Pun Hlaing Golf Club has enjoyed the title of "The Pride of Myanmar" since its inception in 2000. It was selected as the country's host venue for the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Retreat in 2001, Putra Cub 2005, burma Masters tour 2008 and 2009. Pun Hlaing's Club members were privileged to inclue the chance to play with the visiting golf professionals in a Pro-Am tournament held at Pun Hlaing Golf course prior the two-day 2009 Masters Tournament was held.
House owners, Residents, and the Club's Term Members and guests can also relax the Golf Club's facilities like the Horizon's Restaurant, with its renowned week-end buffets, or have a drink on the outside verandah overlooking the putting green and the 18th hole. Adjacent to the 10th tee, members could also use Yangon's only full-size turf Driving Range, with its own shower and locker-room facilities, and practice on the Club's newly completed pitch-and-put green. Additionally, the Club hosts and caters for own tournaments, both for home owners, and for outside business groups, diplomatic missions and other associations.
After a go to to Pun Hlaing Golf Club in November 2002, its designer and legend Gary Player commented on his website that "Of the tremendous golf courses I own seen in the world, Pun Hlaing Golf Club has to be in the top five. It reminds me of Augusta, Georgia".
Pun Hlaing Golf Club Information:
Holes: 18 Golf Cart:
Par / Yardage: 72 / 7,012
Designer: Mr. Gary Player
Established: 2000
2 Persons: 46 USD 1 Person: 33 USD
Golf Set: n/a
Golf Shoes: n/a
Umbrella: n/a
Location: Northwest Yangon
Distance: About 45 minutes from city center
Driving Range:no
Open on: Daily Facilities: Club house, caddies, clubs

Ye Dagon Taung Golf Club

Ye Dagon Taung Golf Club or the waterfall course is located 30 mintues west of downtown Mandalay towards Maymyo. Situated at the base of Yay Dagon Taung (Water Fall) Mountain it features pretty panoramic views of the Shan Mountain ranges which you may enjoy during your golf game.
This course is cool and pleasant in the winter and offers challenging gameplay with long and narrow fairways and small, tight and fast greens. This course is a favorite for nature lovers. They do not supply electric golf carts here and that is for the best. Walking the course you visit appreciate the picturesque landscape that is just simply pretty.
Definitely another course too add to your list if you see yourself in or around Mandalay do not miss out on this one.
Ye Dagon Taung Golf Club Information:
Holes: 18
Golf Cart: No Electric Cart
Par / Yardage: 72 / 7127
Designer: Designed by MCDC (Mandalay City Development Committee)
Established: 1996
Golf Shoes: n/a
Golf Set: n/a
Umbrella: n/a
Driving Range: no
Location: West of Mandalay toward Maymyo
Distance: 30 Minutes drive from downtown
Open on: Daily
Facilities: Restaurant, bar, golf shop, caddies and clubs avaliable

Bagan Golf Resort

Bagan Golf Resort is located following to Bagan Golf Resort Hotel at the back of the Archaeological zone only 10 minutes from antique Bagan. The golf course has been built in amongst the world popular Bagan temples, stupas and pagodas many dating back to the 11th century. Playing golf in this setting is pure magic, overlooking the panorama of the antique ruins is an unforgettable and serene experience.
Playing in the mornings here is thoughtful and cool as there is no rainy season as such like the southern parts of burma you be able to play all year round. The gameplay here is not overly challenging most holes characteristic a bunker or two but overall it’s a fun course to play.
The golf is ok but to relax this course you really need to bring your time, enjoy and appreciate the good atmosphere and attractive ancient setting.
Bagan Golf Resort Information:
Holes: 18
Golf Cart: n/a
Par / Yardage: 72 / 7417
Established: 1998
Designer: n/a
Golf Set: $14
Golf Shoes: n/a
Umbrella: $4
Driving Range:n/a
Location: West of Mandalay toward Maymyo
Distance: close to Bagan antique City, following to Bagan Golf resort hotel at the back of the Archaelogoical zone Facilities: Club hire, buggy hire, caddies
Open on: Daily

There are several golf clubs in myanmar which be able to ensure remarkable golf experience for professional golfers. proposal a adventure combining perfect balance of golfing and culture exploration, please scenery tours here. Otherwise, we may customize your burma golf packages for more golfing days which very much vary to fit to your golf profestional level.

Top 5 Places to adventure in Myanmra (Burma)

find our top places of interests for burma tours with short description. They are not covering all fantastic site of myanmar but they should not be missed when you're planning a unforgetable trip to burma.

myanmar is a delightful and sacred country, largely uncharted by tourists. Located in Southeast Asia on the Bay of Bengal, the country has preserved its culture and spectacle, remaining relatively unchanged since the British colonial times. The country is known as the ‘Golden Land’ because of the countless number of pagodas and temples, which dominate the scenery.
burma also offers a variety of characteristic beauties and historical artifacts such as glittering waterfalls, graceful lakes, luxurious caves, untouched beaches and the thousand year ancient golden pagodas scattered around myanmar, especially in Bagan and Mandalay. (See: burma map here)

explore more about these top attractions in the country that you should not miss out when tour to Myanmar:

1. Yangon - the former capital

Yangon, the most cosmopolitan city in myanmar which used to be capital of myanmar until 2005, has earned the name of "The Garden City of the East". You will realize the incredible Shwedagon Pagoda and own opportunity to feed your shopping tradition on the vast array of traditional burma arts and crafts.
Read more on Yangon:

2. Mandalay - the ancient capital

Mandalay is the second largest city in myanmar (after Yangon), and a former capital of myanmar. Mandalay is renowned for its spectacular Royal Palace, the world largest ringing bell in Mingun and the ancient colonial British hill stations of Pyin Oo Lwin, new experiences are to be found around burma.
Read more on Mandalay (Myanmar):

3. Bagan - the land of over 2000 stupas and pagodas

Known as the city of four million pagodas, Bagan is one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia. You could also scenery the temple filled sight at sunrise by hot-air-balloon. Bagan is likely to be the attraction to any burma holiday.
Read more on Bagan (Myanmar):

4. Inle Lake - the giant natural lake at 1800m height

Inle reflects stunning sight, pure natural beauty and becomes one of the most popular adventurer destinations in the Shan State. Getting on the lake will open your eyes to special local methods of farming and fishing. Spot fishermen rowing by in a special method —propelling their boats forward with one leg wrapped around an oar.
Read more on Inle lake (Myanmar):

5. Ngapali Beach - the best beach of the country

Ngapali is maybe Myanmar’s best-known beach. With its miles of white sand, turquoise waters and green palms, it is steadily becoming one of the most captivating beaches in the world.
Read more on Ngapali (Myanmar):

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Balloon myanmar Festival in November

November is the most charming month in myanmar when the rain stops and weather is so cool. This is best time for a journey to burma as well as the best months for locals citizen to held exciting festival. Full Moon of Tazaungmon is one of the most important festival in a year of burma, taking destination in November. Lets go with us to join in vibrant, good festival by passing overland the country with diverse activities

Full moon festival (or Tazaungmon Festival)

Also known as Festival of Lights or Full moon of Tazaungdaing, it is held on Tazaungmon - the eighth month of Burmese calendar (usually in November as western calender). This day marks the end of the rainy season.
  • Date in 2016: 14 November
  • Date in 2017: 03 November
  • Date in 2018: 23 November

Full moon Festival is to honor the introduction of Buddhism in burma. On this day, robe-weaving competitions to create featured yellow monk robes named matho thingyan are held over the country during two consecutive nights (the preceding night and the full-moon night), most outstanding in Yangon’s Shwedagon pagoda. Contestants will work continuously from night to sunrise. These robes will be offered to monks in the Kahtain ceremony.
Tazaungmon festival myanmar

This custom commemorates the well-known story about the Gautama Buddha’s life. Understanding that the Buddha would soon pass away, the Gautama Buddha’s mother, Maya, spent the whole night weaving yellow robes for him. Her sister Gotami (Buddha’s aunt) then kept on this custom and offered new robes annually.

Nevertheless, the main significance of this festival is light, as many suppose this festival has existed even prior the introduction of Buddhism in burma, to honor the God of Light and the awakening of Lord Vishnu. Sparkle fireworks, fire balloons are sent to the sky and multicolored lanterns are lighted. It is also said that the Gautama Buddha would return to Tawadeintha on this day to get to his mother’s reincarnated spirit so citizen illuminate the path for him by lighting candles and lanterns.

In Shan state, long queues of citizen holding traditional lit lotus flower lanterns march on roads. Especially in Taunggyi, hot air balloons made from bamboo and mulberry paper are released on air as offerings to Tavatimsa, the heaven in Buddhist cosmology, or as a way to drive away evil spirits. This habit is also held in Naypyidaw (current capital) and Pyin Oo Lwin (near Mandalay).
taunggyi myanmar tours

Also on this opportunity, numerous citizen come back home to pay homage to elders. Almsgiving and charity consisting of sautuditha feasts are also common during this festival, regarded as merit-making activities.

Full moon activities in other places in Myanmar:

  • Shwezigon Pagoda - Festival in Bagan, on the Full Moon Day, there is a ritual of offering a filled alms bowl to a thousand and more monks and novices. Lacquer ware, glazed pots and hand woven cotton blankets are sold by villagers living in the region at this good country fair. (Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone Mandalay Region)

  • Phowintaung Pagoda Festival, Location : Monywa, Sagaing Region of Mandalay. Duration : 2 days such as other pagoda festivals with the usual entertainment provided. Burma thanaka, sandalwood and woven textiles (cotton blankets and longyis mainly) could be bought at the various stalls around the pagoda area. (One day previous Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone)

  • Shwesandaw (Pyay) Pagoda Festival in Bagan, Shwesandaw Pagoda is one of Myanmar’s biggest Buddhist pilgrimage sites and the festival of this pagoda is one of the most visited festivals for pilgrims all over the country. During the festival, the sacred tooth hall which contains a Buddha tooth relic is opened for devotees. (Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone)

  • Our suggested myanmar tours to relax those activites are: myanmar Insight tour with Balloon Festival in 15 days and Inle with Taunggyi Festival or contact to our team by dropping us a message at to customize our burma tours to whatever you may such as.

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On the tours: Safe & Enjoyable

burma is generally safe for traveling. Anyway, the better your preparation, the more enjoyable you will get on tours. Please read our safe instruction carefully for maximum fun moments on your trip

Crime and fraud

myanmar (Burma) is a generally a very safe country to adventure in and crime targeting tourists is unusual. Nonetheless, you should apply common sense as you would when travelling anywhere. Make sure your spending money is out of scenery and close to your body, and keep jewelry to a minimum. You could wish to use a money belt, especially if you are travelling on trains during your stay.

In major cities, we suggest travelling by taxi if you are out at night. Be sure you negotiate and agree to a price before you get in. It is always a splendid idea to carry a hotel address card with you to performance your driver.
While on holiday to any places, including but not limited to myanmar, always keep a copy of your primary documents i.e. Passport, airline tickets, credit cards and traveller’s cheques, separate from the originals in a safe site. Because, just in case of lost, it is much easier and quicker to solve the issue. Most hotels have room-safes or deposit boxes at reception where you be able to store valuables.

Medical care

As with travelling to other parts of Asia, you need to bring precautions when visiting burma. Mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis are endemic in burma. You should talk to your doctor about prophylaxis, and ensure you carry clothing that covers your arms and legs as well as a fantastic quality repellent. We strongly recommend you consult your doctor with regards to vaccinations and up-to-date health advice at least a month previous you depart.
Medical facilities outside main cities are extremely limited. In the event that you require any surgical treatment, you will likely need to be evacuated to Bangkok or Singapore.

Money exchange

The official Burmese currency is the Kyat (MMK) and you should plan to use this in most parts of the country, although USD is also widely accepted. Exchange rates fluctuate so we offer keeping USD and exchanging as you visit.
It is best to bring USD cash as your main source of money. There are very few ATMs, travelers cheques are not widely accepted, and your credit card can only be accepted in a limited number of larger hotels and businesses. In addition, commission rates be able to be quite high in some places. Check out our guide for money and currency in myanmar!
Ensure that the USD notes you take are new, clean and undamaged, otherwise they be able to not be accepted. It is a great idea to keep receipts for any purchases as you can be asked to supply them by Burmese customs officials on departure.

SEA WANDER tour hotels 2017 - 2018

Whatever the settings is, your comfortable and noteworthy trips to myanmar is our utmost priority. We guarantee that all our hotels/resorts selected are the best ones at their ranges. This reflects in our price which at first, you could see it higher than our competitors. However, we will never downgrade the services in order to compete on prices.

Even though there are some more choices of accommodation in myanmar in before years, the limitation of accommodation here has peaceful been very serious, especially in peak time (from Nov to March). Tourists are advised to book hotels in make progress months ahead. Great news, however, is that the hotels in myanmar start to feel the heat of competition and take a move with very beautiful promotion in Low Season(from may to Aug). The lower range accommodation taking renovation while keeping very affordable prices is also a notable change.


  • Taw Win Garden Yangon hotel, a very new, broad hotel opened in 2014, is our first choice for Deluxe option - 4-star accommodation.
  • broad United hotel 3 stars with spacious rooms that many possess a view of Shwedagon pagoda is the destination you are going to spend your stay in Yangon.
  • After one pilot year operating, SEA WANDER decided to pick Yadanarpon Dynasty hotel 3 stars in Mandalay as our first picking. Please be aware that Yadanarpon Dynasty Hotel, that is newer, is a different property to Yadanarpon hotel.
  • Paradise Nyangshwe hotel 3 stars will supply rooms when you are staying in Inle Lake. That hotel location is loveable while the price is very much affordable.


***Note: The below listing is SEA WANDER Tours' evaluation and rating - not the actual rating of the hotels. The actual star ratings of those hotels could be slightly different. The evaluation and rating are based on our possess experiences of staying those hotels and/or inspection trips bySEA WANDER's staffs ourselves.

Affordable choice (2+ stars hotels)

The price of those hotels is running from $40-$60/room/night in Low Season and from $50 - $90/room/night in High Season
DestinationsHotel NameDescriptions
YangonMr. Lee or MK hotelloveable, small hotel with very clean rooms, central location. Affordable price
BaganThante Bagan hotelBest valued hotel in Bagan with an unbeatable location and amazingly considerate rooms with spacious bathroom. Website of the hotel:
MandalayM3 Mandalay Hotelideal location in the heart of Mandalay city with few walks to convenient services eg. Shopping, restaurants and surprisingly considerate room under its price range. Website of the hotel:
Inle LakeParadise Nyangshwe hotelUnbeatable location in Nyangshwe town center that is a distance to the market while calm very calm. The services and the rooms are much more valuable than the price. Website of hotel:
NgapaliYoma Cherry LodgeSmall, boutique hotel with its architectural charm, a well-tended garden, and a beach terrace. Website of the hotel:

Comfortable picking (3 stars hotels)

The price of those hotels is running from $60-$90/room/night in Low Season and from $80 - $130/room/night in High Season
DestinationsHotel NameDescriptions
Yangongrand United HotelA perfect location with very spacious rooms. Tremendous rooms contain an awesome view of Shwedagon pagoda. The restaurant serves until very late at night with delicious foods. Website of the hotel:
BaganThande Bagan hotelHaving some only colonial building dating back to 1922. Spacious rooms, friendly staffs, and very reasonable prices. Website of the hotel:
MandalayYadanarpon Dynasty hotelYadanarpon Dynasty is a new and very centrally located hotel. Easy access to the biggest tea shop of Mandalay. Website of the hotel:
Inle LakeParadise Nyangshwe hotelUnbeatable location in Nyangshwe town center that is a distance to the market while silent very quiescent. The services and the rooms are much more valuable than the price. Website of hotel:
NgapaliThande Beach HotelBeachside resort with affordable price. Website of the hotel:

Deluxe picking (4 stars hotels)

The price of those hotels is running from $90-$130/room/night in Low Season and from $130 - $180/room/night in High Season
DestinationsHotel NameDescriptions
YangonTaw Win Garden hotelTaw Win Garden is a huge 4-star hotel centrally located. Very spacious room with considerate amenities. Close to shopping center.Website of the hotel:
BaganTharabar Gate BaganInstyle, silent resort for hidden stays with very kind-hearted rooms. Website of hotel:
MandalayMandalay Hill Resortbrilliant spectacle to the whole Mandalay city. Website of hotel:
Inle LakeInle Princess Resortcharming gem as its name with great architecture blending between the traditions and culture of the Shan and Intha citizen. Website of the hotel:
NgapaliAmara Ocean resortloveable own bungalow with dedicated services and staffs. Website of the hotel:

Luxury selection (5 stars hotels)

The price of those hotels is running from $150-$200/room/night in Low Season and from $180 - $300/room/night in High Season, ever more with higher room types.
DestinationsHotel NameDescriptions
YangonShangri-La HotelVery centrally located, huge hotel with a considerate scenery to Sule pagoda. Website of the hotel:
Baganmyanmar Treasure resortA graceful blend of traditionalism and contemporary elegance. Website of the hotel:
MandalaySedona hotelVery fantastic location that faces to Mandalay Hill and Royal Palace. Spacious room with fully equipped. Website of the hotel:
Inle LakeAureum Inle resortlikeable beautiful resort with all villas floating over water and spacious inside. Website of the hotel:
NgapaliSandoway resort59 villas and cottages are scattered throughout the 6 acres of 450 meters long beach frontage and tropical gardens, most with ocean views.

last Luxury choice (top 5 stars hotels)

The price of those hotels is running from $200-$350/room/night in Low Season and from $300 - $550/room/night in High Season
DestinationsHotel NameDescriptions
YangonGovernor ResidenceA top five-star hotel under the management of repute Belmond Group. Best long-standing 5 stars hotel. Website of hotel:
BaganAureum Resort & Spa (Villa Rooms)Expanding in 27 acres,this award-winning resort impresses any guest with its style and services. Website of hotel:
MandalayRupar Mandalar resortTranquility and calm destination with beautifully designed rooms. Website of hotel:
Inle LakeAureum Inle resortloveable charming resort with all villas floating over water and spacious inside. Website of the hotel:
NgapaliNgapali Hilton resort and spaprominent resort built and managed by a reputed brand name. Just opened in 2015 with well-appointed amenities. Website of the hotel:

River Cruises in burma

3 stars: Irrawaddy Princess II cruise. Affordable and comfortable cruise running between Mandalay and Bagan with 2 days or 3 days program. Website of the cruise:
4 stars: Paukan Cruises. Long standing history fleet with 4 cruises with boutique style offering several programs . Website of cruises: and
5 stars:
- road to Mandalay Cruise. The top reputable cruise on Irrawaddy river with luxury style. The program varies from 3 nights to 7 nights. Website of cruise:
- Anawrahta River Cruise. The newest cruise on Irrawaddy river set new concept of luxury standards. Cruise program varies from 3 nights to 7 nights. scenery here for cruise details.
In 2017, there were many cruises set their maiden voyages eg. The Strand Cruise, Ananda Cruise or Sanctuary Retreat. That gives us more choices of river cruises. Depending on your booking dates, HITMyanmar will try our utmost efforts to look for the most suitable departure dates and prices.

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Burma Country Quickview

Stretching from the twinkling islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range, burma (Burma) could overture all the natural wonders and traditional delights of Asia in one fascinating country.

where is Myanmar (or Burma)?

To this day burma (Burma), one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, is stepping out of a cheered past into a new era of hope and optimism. A country – also known as myanmar – hold inside breathtaking beauty and charm only recently emerging into the up to date world. The location of myanmar at the crossroads of Asia’s amazing civilizations of India and China, looking out onto the vast bay of Bengal is a guarantee for such great beauty wait travelers.

So what could the casual visitor, therefore, expects upon arrival, and why should one embark on such a adventure in the first place? Myanmar (Burma), one of South East Asia’s largest and most diverse countries, stretches from the sparkling islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range. Burma could suggestion all the natural wonders and traditional delights of Asia in one fascinating country. Virgin jungles, snow-capped mountains and pristine beaches, combined with a glamorous and rich heritage spanning more than two thousand years.
Full name:Republic of the Union of burma
Capital city:Naypyidaw
Population:53.9 million
National language:Burmese
Time zone:(GMT+06:30) Yangon (Rangoon)
The country code:+95, and the internet access code is .mm.
Cell phone:GMS technology, SIM based.
International airports:Yangon and Mandalay.
Electricity:200 volts AC, 50Hz. Type C (European 2-pin), Type D (Old British 3-pin), Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth), Type G (Irish/British 3-pin) more details
Business Hours:from 9am-5pm for private companies and 9:30-4:30 for government offices. Working days are from Monday through Friday.
Major Credit cards:Credit cards work fine in burma where accepted.
US$ note is calm very much preferable but should not be torn, ink-marked, folded and from 2003 series onwards.
National currency:Kyat (MMK). Exchange rate is about 1US$ = 1200MMK
Taxis:There are over 250 Buses lines running through Yangon everyday. For exclusive transport, there are car rental services.
Common local unit of weight:peiktha (viss), which equals to 3.6 pounds.
Most common unit of measure:feet and inches.
Religions:Buddhism; estimates range from 80% to 89%. Theravāda Buddhism is the most widespread. 7% Of the population identifies as Christian; 4% as Muslim; 1% follows traditional animistic beliefs
Major culture nominated:Buddhist and Bamar
Internet:Some calm use dial up, 3G available. The speed is relatively low.

Climate and weather:

burma has three main seasons, hot season, rainy season and cold season. Hot season is from March to may, rainy season is from June to October and cold season is from November to February. The tropical monsoon is usually cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers and less cloudy, scant rainfall, mild temperatures, lower humidity during winter. (Read more: Best time to adventure myanmar)
myanmar lies in the monsoon region of Asia, with its coastal regions receiving over 5,000 mm (196.9 in) of rain annually. Annual rainfall in the delta region is approximately 2,500 mm (98.4 in), while average annual rainfall in the Dry Zone in central myanmar is less than 1,000 mm (39.4 in). The Northern regions of burma are the coolest, with average temperatures of 21 °C (70 °F). Coastal and delta regions have an average maximum temperature of 32 °C (89.6 °F).

burma (Burma) People:

burma is made up of 135 national races, of which the main national races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. There are more than 100 ethnic groups in myanmar. Some of the Ethnic groups are listed as Akha, Palaung, Padaung, Naga, Taron, Eng and tremendous more near extinct tribes. The religions are Buddhist, Christian and Muslim. The major language is myanmar, but minority ethnic groups inclue their possess languages. English is widely spoken and understood. (More on: burma or Burmese citizen)

Neighboring Countries

burma has many neighbouring countries, Bangladesh is located in the West, India in the Northwest, China in the Northeast, Laos and Thailand in the East.

Best places to travel:

  • Biggest cities Yangon and Mandalay; religious sites in Mon State, Pindaya, Bago and Hpa-An
  • Nature trails in Inle Lake, Kengtung, Putao, Pyin Oo Lwin;
  • old cities such as Bagan and Mrauk-U;
  • burma Beaches in Nabule, Ngapali, Ngwe-Saung, Mergui.

Emergency treatment and crime:

The medical and emergency treatment has been poor. The richs in myanmar often seek for hi-tech treatment in Singapore and Thailand. The crime targeted to foreign tourists in myanmar is raletively low despite the fact that burma is the second largest country of opium producer. The murder rate in burma mostly is related to communal violence and armed conflict, not to travelers.

Things to do and What to notice in myanmar (Burma)?

burma is a attractive, captivating country home to a various array of ethnic groups and some unforgettable sites and landscapes. Its relatively undeveloped nature means venturing out to rural regions is a rewarding and fascinating way to gain greater insights into the country and its people.

myanmar is an suitable destination for tours. Because wherever you go in myanmar, whether it be cruising down the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River in style, drifting over the ancient city of Bagan by hot air balloon, or searching for that elusive tiger on the back of an elephant, there is always a feeling of exciting and challenging. The trek places stretch from mountain trekking and rafting in the far north to world class diving in the Mergui Archipelago. (landscape some tour here)

Infrastructure in burma (Burma) is quite undeveloped, so you can encounter power cuts, uncomfortable road journeys or changes to your itinerary due to domestic schedules. Internet and wifi is not easily to access and sometimes result in charges in some hotels.

It is elementary to 'keep face' in myanmar and remain patient and quiescent in your dealings with people. A stay in burma may be a magical experience, with warm, hospitable citizen, outstanding sights and a greater understanding of this compelling country.