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Government Bans Tourists from Climbing on Pagodas in Bagan

almost the pagodas in Bagan will be prohibited to ascend on top since March 01 2016.


Watching the sunset from the top of a pagoda is one of Bagan’s delightful get to experiences, also rated as a “must-do” when taking a adventure to myanmar.

Nonetheless, on ultimate February 22, 2016, Myanmar’s Ministry of Culture announced its decision to ban visitors from climbing on antique pagodas in this world-renowned archaeological zone, after publication of a video showing an indecent performance on top of one structure in Bagan.

The cause starts from a fact happening in the second week of this February, as a medical company had conducted a cultural singing- and-dancing show on Pyathagyi Pagoda, as the Mimistry said, had a “negative impact” on the nation’s culture.

The number of locals and foreign tourists to Bagan has grown quickly recently, doubled from 120,000 to 250,000 between 2011 and 2015. This means hundreds of visitors ascend the temples everyday, placing strain on the ancient structures. Said by the Ministry, the ban will ensure the pagodas are “maintained for the long term”.

The ban will be effective from March 01, 2016.

However, the decision then received scathing criticisms from tourism business operators and the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. They assume that this forbiddance will damage the industry and the image of Bagan because the major reason travelers reach here is to admire view from the pagodas. They want the decision to be reconsidered.

prior this objection, yesterday, the Ministry of Culture clarified 5 pagodas exempt from the climbing ban.

following to the Ministry, the ban will not be applied on the 5 pagodas, namely Shwesandaw – the most favorite spot for sunset sight, Pyathard Gyi, South Gunni, North Gunni and Thitsaw Wati.

Note: Based on the decision of Myanmar’s Ministry of Culture, sunset viewing on Shwesandaw Pagoda in the adventure programs of is tranquil carried out as usual. However, travelers need to pay attention not to climb on the other pagodas in Bagan without the 5 pagodas as we showed above.

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