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Top burma Beaches & Best Time for Beach Holidays

burma beach is rather different from ones in SE Asian country. Beaches in myanmar (Burma) is very attractive, untouched, and quiescent however those beaches are not ideal for swimming all year around, especially summer time - from April to Aug.

Having a long coastline but burma (Burma) beaches are not famous such as other countries in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, it is so regretful if you don’t relax the sunshine on these beaches as reaching Southeast Asia. Tremendous of myanmar beaches are unspoilt and undiscovered, reminiscent of Thailand’s beaches 20 years ago, absolutely still and quiescent. Endless island and untouched beaches, burma is really an alluring site for lovers of the sea.
Here is the list of the top beaches in myanmar country.

1. Ngapali beach - the most well known beach in burma (Burma)

Myanmar Ngapali beach

Dreamy coasts, idyllic palm lines, pristine white sands and the blue crystal-clear waters of Bengal Bay, these are words many travellers say about Ngapali beach. This best burma beach is also extremely impressive thanks to beautiful fishing villages, loveable boats bobbing on the waters and ox-drawn carts ambling along the Ngapali coastline. Although Ngapali beach is currently experiencing some changes of a construction boom, there's peaceful a lot of virgin spaces.
The name of the beach "Ngapali", has no meaning in Burmese, but derives from the Italian "Napoli" (the city of Naples).
Ngapali beach has a host of complex accommodations from small beach huts to luxury villas and bungalows. Fresh seafood is abundant and wonderful. Sea sports for travelers are also various, consisting of snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, cycling and golf. Ngapali beach is a fabulous destination of Myanma (Burma) to watch the gorgeous sunset over the Bay of Bengal.

The peak season at Ngapali beach is from November to March, because of its very good-hearted weather. Even at the high season, Ngapali beach is a still, drowsy, early-to-bed place, however, the prices might be skyrocketed. Things are almost enchanting during the rainy season (April to Sep) when flights drop to once a week and most hotels either close or keep open only a handful of rooms.

2. Ngwe Saung beach (Silver Beach)

Ngwe Saung Silver Beach) Myanmar

Ngwe Sung beach is in south of Ngapali - the most renowned beach in burma (Burma) - and closer to Yangon, comprising 15 km of white sand bordered by tall, lush palm trees swaying in winds. Sea at Ngwe Sung beach is as pure as in Ngapali, but this beach has not well developed, which is an actually relaxation spot to do nothing.
From Yangon - Myanmar's former capital, you be able to carry a 35-minute flight or a six-hour street trip to reach Ngwe Sung beach. If you want a more challenging experience, let select a 16-hour boat tours from Yangon to the gateway town of Pathein.
Ngwe Sung meaning Silver beach has several marine sports for travelers like scuba diving and snorkeling. You may hire a motorbike to find out the 15-km beach and conquer the hard sand sections. The seafood here is wonderful -- lobster, shrimp, crab, fish -- and if you are on the seaside early in early morning you will probably find fishermen coming in with fresh seafood on their hand.

3. Chaung Tha beach

Chaung Tha myanmar beach

Chaung Tha beach is 25 miles west of Pathein. Close to Yangon, this beach is hugely well known to Burmese middle-class families from the city. Chuang Tha beach, to be honest, is not as captivating as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung beaches. The reasons are the sand isn’t as white and the beachfront is a jumble of hotels. However, it’s an ideal destination to see how Burmese play and rest on beach.
If you’re here during the peak season and want to hide from from the crowds, let get a boat to reveal neighboring islands. Bring along your inclue snorkel and you be able to see a world of tropical fish.
Chaung Tha isn’t fit as a deserted beach, but it is clean, sunny, the easiest beach to reach in burma.

4. Kanthaya Beach

Kanthaya myanmar beach

Kanthaya beach is worthy to hit if you really want to get away from development and modern civilization. This beach of myanmar (Burma) is unspoiled and undeveloped, naturally charming, empty and truly quiet. There are no beachside sports and shops, and that is just its main highlight. You will be impossible to book a hotel in grow, but you are sure to notice a room when you arrive.
Kanthaya means “Pleasant” in Burmese. This myanmar beach is shallow and 4.5-km long. Unlike the white sandy beach of Ngapali, 100 km north, the sand here is golden and a bit gritty. You can walk along the coast, climb small hills, watch birds and talk to local fishermen.

special notes for enjoying burma beach holidays:

  • Beaches in burma has its low season in rainy season from be able to to October because it rains nearly all days long. Ngwe Saung & Chaungtha beach are available on this time however the sea is not very much beautiful and clean due to lots of mud. Most hotels and resorts in Ngapali beach are closed actually. Some hotels in Ngapali beach, if open, will overture very large discounts. The bad weather of rains will lead to flights limited and cancelled with very short prior notices.
  • The best alternatives for beach holidays in myanmar from can to October are beaches in Vietnam - that are the most beautiful in summer from can to September. The connection is so easy with a short, cheap flight from Yangon to Ho Chi Minh city by Vietjet Air. Contact us to manage!
  • The criterion of burma beach holiday costume is a jean and T-shirt. Not kidding, that is true, the Burmese swim in their jeans. Others wear shorts or cotton pajamas, but obviously there is no room for bikini. However, this is quiescent exception for foreigners.

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