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Note on the use of myanmar net and telephone

Nowadays, the Internet and telephone become so well known and almost indispensable in the daily life. Especially when traveling, it is very important for tourist to contact, catch information, destinations, way back in one country. In addition, myanmar is a developing country and the myanmar net is calm limited. So if you want to use telephone and Internet in burma, you should take some notes below.

History of myanmar net development

The original Internet connection in myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was established in 2000.

Since September 2011, the level of Internet censorship in Burmese history has decreased dramatically. Before to September 2011, the military government worked actively to restrict and control Internet access through censorship based on software, infrastructure and technical limitations, laws and regulations with fines. Big and long prison sentences for the offenders.

Internet usage in myanmar

In 2015, the internet users significantly increased to 12.6% with the introduction of the faster mobile 3G internet by transnational telecommunication companies, Telenor burma and Ooredoo burma, and later joined by national myanmar Post and Telecommunications (MPT).

While the internet situation in burma has constantly been evolving since its introduction in 2010 and reduction of censorship in 2011, laws such as the 2013 Telecommunications Law continue to restrict citizens from total freedom online. However, internet penetration continues to increase nationwide despite the restrictions.

Situation of network in burma

1. Service providers, Internet cafés:

5BB Broadband, Yatanarpon Teleport, WeLink burma, burma Speednet, burma Net, satellite internet provider Skynet, the state-owned myanmar Post and Telecommunication (MPT), Kinetic myanmar Technology and AGB Communication are the Internet service providers in Mandalay and Yangon.

In the past, Internet cafes were the general access center for domestic internet users and most used different software to bypass government proxy servers. Until the democratization in 2011, with the advent of the cheap mobile internet and the improvement of telecommunications infrastructure after liberalization, Internet cafes inclue become less known for. However, they are quiescent widely available to acces Internet in burma, especially in Yangon and Mandalay and are used when people write a blog and some other activities.

The Cafe Internet in myanmar

2. Internet in other towns and rural areas

The internet access for home use in other towns except Yangon and Mandalay is the only ADSL, provided by MPT. But the internet fees are so pricey.

- By 2017, MPT ADSL will cost 325,000 burma Kyat (estimated at US $ 240).

- For the initial ADSL Setup fee, the MPT offers a price of 50,000 myanmar Kyat (estimated at $ 37) without CPE.

- The monthly charge for 512kbit / s (lowest bandwidth) is 17,000 burma Kyat (estimated at US $ 13) and the 2.5 Mb / s (highest bandwidth) fee is 80,000 myanmar Kyat (60 US dollars) calculation).

- The annual fee is 50,000 burma Kyat (estimated at 37 USD)

- Internet FTTH is not available in the towns.

3. Mobile Phone Usage

Nowadays, the price of SIM cards in burma is decreasing thanks to the growth of using Internet in burma and telecom operators. Specifically, the price of 1 sim card goes from "~ 245,000 kyats (reported as $ 250) in 2013 to ~ 1,542 kyats (reportedly $ 1.5) in 2014. Although the cost remains high for myanmar, Burmese are quiescent willing to pay for mobile phones, with more than 18.1 million active SIM cards

Notes for foreign tourists

● It is only in Yangon to inclue fiber-optic internet while in Pagan or other places there are high-speed ADSL billboards like Vietnam in 2000.

● Some hotels proffer myanmar ‘s internet but with quite high prices, please check with the hotel reception. If you stay in Yangon, you be able to rent a computer at the hotel for 1000kat per hour of use with great quality

● There is not much internet cafe in myanmar, only in the heart of the city for quite high prices. In addition, the government of myanmar restricts and regulates the use of the internet as well as telephone. You will not have access to some famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype or Yahoo Msg. Gmail & Google talk could use but frequently bug

Notes for foreign tourists on use of myanmar net and telephone

● Internet access via mobile devices to the wifi hotspot in hotels in burma is nearly impossible or very slow. You should be aware of this when you intend to use it.

● To purchase a SIM card, foreigners need to have photocopies of their passport photo page and burma visa page, as well as one passport photo. SIM cards are 3G mobile data enabled and canon SIM and micro SIM cards are available.

● Note that mobile network access is often patchy or non-existent in rural areas, but usually works well in towns.

● International calls cost more than $ 5 / minute and can only be done reliably from the hotel; Note that only a few calls permit international calls and you be able to tranquil be charged for a call even though it is not connected.

● Public phones: You may not find a public telephone booth in the city. All calls to foreign countries are controlled by the government and allowed to be called. Guests should check the price with the hotel previous calling.

Hope these information about myanmar net and telephone will be useful for you when learning about this country, especially for foreign tourists.

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Things to know about myanmar population

General information about burma

myanmar or the Republic of the Union of burma shortened to myanmar, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is the 24th most populous country in the world, and the 40th largest country by area. The 2018 estimated burma population is 53.86 million citizen.

The country is very ethnically various with 135 ethnic groups recognized by the government. There are at least 108 ethnolinguistic groups in myanmar. The Bamar account for around 68% of the population, followed by the Shan (10%), Kayin (7%), Rakhine (4%) and overseas Chinese (3%). Ethnic minorities in the country prefer to be called ethnic nationalities to fight against the proliferation of the dominant Bamar people. Other ethnic groups include the Mon (2%), Overseas Indians (2%) and the Kachin, Chin, Anglo-Indians, Nepali, and Anglo-Burmese.

burma - the country of longstanding culture

Statistics of population in myanmar

- The current population of myanmar (formerly Burma) is 53,776,808 as of Friday, be able to 4, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates.

- myanmar population is equivalent to 0.71% of the total world population.

- myanmar ranks number 26 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.

- The population density in burma is 82 per Km2 (214 citizen per mi2).

- The total land area is 653,290 Km2 (252,237 sq. Miles)

- 36.8 % of the population is urban (19,810,930 citizen in 2018)

- The median age in myanmar is 27.9 years.

In 2018, Burma's population is expected to increase by 485,126 and reach 54,097,911 in early 2019. Natural population growth is forecast to be positive, as the number of births will outnumber the death to 500,920.

If the migration status remains the identical as in the previous year, the population will drop to -15,794. That means that the number of citizen moving to myanmar to settle will be less than the number of people leaving the country to settle in another country.

According to the estimates, Myanmar's daily population change rate in 2018 will be as follows: 2,582 children are born on average per day 1,210 people die on average per day -43 migrants averaged per day Myanmar's population will improve by an average of 1,329 citizen per day in 2018.

Things to know about burma population

1. Burma's population density

The population density of burma is 82 citizen per square kilometer as of 04/05/2018. Population density is calculated by dividing the population of myanmar by the total area of the country. The total area is the total land area and water within Myanmar's international and coastal boundaries. According to the General Statistics Office of the United Nations, the total area of burma is 653,407 km2.

2. Age structure of myanmar

Population data by age (estimated):

- 14,990,837 people under 15 years of age (7,638,066 males / 7,352,771 females), accounting for 27.5% of the population

- 36,813,495 people aged 15-64 years (18,284,010 male / 18,529,485 female), accounting for 67.5% of the population

- 2,745,493 citizen over 64 years of age (1,196,278 men / 1,549,215 women), accounting for 5% of the population

The myanmar population density map

3. Percentage of dependent population by age

The proportion of the dependent population is the proportion of citizen who are unable to work (dependent) on a country's workforce. Dependencies include the population under 15 years of age and citizen 65 years or older. The labor force consists of a population aged 15 to 64. The total dependency ratio in myanmar is 47.7%.

- Percentage of dependent children:

The proportion of dependent children is the proportion of citizen below the working age (under 15 years of age) relative to the workforce of a country. The proportion of dependent children in myanmar is 38.9%.

- Percentage of Dependent Elderly: The percentage of elderly dependents is the

percentage of citizen above the working age (65+) relative to the workforce of a country. The proportion of elderly dependents in burma is 8.8%.

4. Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is one of the most important demographic indicators. It tells the time from when a person is born until he dies.

The total life expectancy (both sexes) in myanmar is 66.8 years. This figure is lower than the life expectancy of the world population (72 years).

The average age of men is 64.4 years. The average life expectancy for women is 69.1 years.

5. Literacy

According to our estimate, 36,845,241 people or 93.14% of the adult population (aged 15 and over) in burma be able to read and write. About 2,713,747 adults are illiterate.

6. The most populous city of burma

Yangon is located in the south of burma, close to the junction of Yangon River and Bago River. It is only about 600 km2 but with more than 7 million inhabitants, it is the largest city, the most populous city, and the largest industrial and commercial center in the country. Yangon is not a motorbike, a adventurer destination cannot be ignored if you come to burma.

Yangon - The most populous city of burma

7. Religious distribution in the myanmar population

Of the 54 million people in burma, 90% profess Theravada Buddhism (roughly 48 million), 4% Christianity (1.65 million Baptists and 550,000 Roman Catholics), 4% Islam (2.2 million), 1% Hinduism (550,000), and the remaining 1% consists of Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and Animism.

Here is some useful information about the population of burma for those who love and want to learn about this golden temple country.

Myanmar adventure guide from A to Z for your best myanmar tours

Are you falling in love with the old pagoda and monasteries? Do you want to experience pristine glamorous nature or uncover featured Asian culture? If so, you should not ignore burma, also known as burma. Here is an charming destination for both domestic and international tourists who are passionate about Buddhist temple and majestic natural sight. Today, more and more traveler choose this golden pretty country as an ideal option for each get to. Some of the mysterious attractions include Yangon, Bagan, Ngapali Beach, Mandalay, Inle Lake,...So if this is your original travel to burma, don't forget to equip yourself with "Myanmar get to guide from A to Z for your best myanmar adventure". Furthermore, our travel guide will even exceed your expectations, evolve your pleasure and satisfaction to the fullest.

"Myanmar visit guide from A to Z for your best burma tours" is an useful advice to equip you with a wealth of knowledge about the country’s local culture, art, and cuisine. It also offers you a good occasion to uncover plenty of holy and gold-plated pagodas. Not only that, each site can remind you of the time in the charming country. Consequently, numerous visitors want to save their pretty memories in every area they come in with different souvenirs. So, if you wonder what to pay attention to when visiting myanmar, what is the best destination to visit in this charming country, what to taste in this mystic Buddhist country, the following information could be helpful to get the best myanmar tour.

ideal transportation

The airplane is the best mean of transportation to myanmar and even among domestic adventurer destinations. If you book a 2 ways ticket of Vietnam Airlines, you will spend at least 7,000,000 VND for the HCM City - Yangon route or 7,500,000 VND for the Hanoi - Yangon route. Another affordable option is Air Asia, but you will have to land in Bangkok, Thailand such as a freight station.

If you want a fast flight and perfect service, you should fly with Vietnam Airlines even though the price is more expensive. If one of your most important criterion is to save budget, then choose Air Asia to get the most affordable burma visit.

suitable domestic transportation for the best burma tours

bus in myanmar

In addition to the air route which is the safest and most comfortable, you be able to also move between the provinces of myanmar by bus. Remember to take warm clothes because there are buses running at night and the air in this vehicle is extremely cold. Taxis are convenient transportations in the city. Meanwhile, the underdeveloped rail system and the bumpy roads own made rail and motor vehicles unsuitable for ordinary tourists.

A glorious itinerary for the best myanmar journey

renowned for its pristine nature, thousands of ancient temples and thousand years of civilization, myanmar today becomes an ideal site for every visitor to come and uncover. The best myanmar tours always amaze tourists from all over the world with the impressive mix of history and modernity. You may trek to far-off lands, experience a hot air balloon ride, explore a cave where thousands of Buddha images have long been housed, immerse in crystal blue seawater, explore a lot of mysterious legend after thousand of golden pagodas,... Here’s what you can wait from best burma tours:

Yangon - primary site in your best burma journey

Known as the largest city in myanmar, Yangon is dubbed as the city without motorcycles, the main means are only cars and buses. Yangon is also the top place attracting visitors to burma by its friendly people, multicolored culture, ideal visiting spots.


such as the other monument in burma, architecture in this ancient capital of Yangon is boldly the color of Buddhism - the main religion of more than 80% of Myanmar’s population. The Buddha's towers are everywhere, they are very pretty and the most popular is Shwedagon Pagoda. Shwedagon is a totally wonderful Pagoda with the main tower of 99 meters high. The temple has a dome with 8 tons of gold so Shwedagon is also called "Golden Pagoda". Around the main temple are 64 small pagodas. There are 4 entrances leading to the main temple, each with a broad pair of lions guarding it. In the temple, many places such as the background, the sanctuary, the pattern are decorated with thousands of diamonds, gold, emerald, ruby, sapphire and numerous other gemstones. In the mind of Myanmar’s people, the Shwedagon is not only a sacred site of worship but also a national pride.

In addition, Yangon has two broad lakes, Inya Lake and Kandawgyi Lake. Inya Lake is larger but more known for is Kandawgyi Lake. Dawn and sunset here proffer an extremely captivating and prominent landscape from the wooden bridge to Shwedagon Pagoda.

Not a rushed or state of the art city, but Yangon is an suitable destination for a peaceful holiday or relaxing vacations.

Bagan - Land of the Buddha

The antique Bagan city was the royal capital of burma thousands of years ago. Owns a distinctive beauty, Bagan is located nearby the Ayeyarwady River, where dense concentration of temples, pagodas, and sanctuaries. There are five popular temples in Bagan, including Ananda Phaya, Dhamma Yangyi, Sulamani Pahto, Thatbyinnyu Pahto and especially Shwezigon Golden Temple.

Bagan is very silent. Getting to Bagan, you must try horse riding and cycling once to experience a featured adventure, to immerse your soul into the ancient timeless feeling of the antique capital. Bagan possesses a glamorous history behind the dense red dust. The temples in Bagan are endlessly spread all over, through the ups and downs of the thousand years that are peaceful there. If Angkor exhibits its subtlety in rocks and bricks, Bagan is glistening in the dust and immense walls that are intact over time.

In Bagan, temples silent retain their first beauty despite disaster or time. The climate in Bagan is dry, so the buildings are better preserved in humid climates. The temples are restored very skillfully, technically reconciled backward by the hands of the burma people. To them, this work is not a restoration of an ancient ancestral building, but rather an expression of respect for the Buddha.


In this old land, the most fantastic moment is maybe dawn and sunset. Because dawn and sunset are the most spiritual or because it is the best time to wander by romantic soul, to look and take pictures. The best time in the year to admire sunlight here should be from November to March. In this season, the sky is very clear. You can climb a high site or bring a ride with hot air balloon to admire the panorama of beautiful Bagan, breathtaking landscape of this spiritual land.

Mandalay - City of the pearls

Mandalay is located in central myanmar, 716 km north of Yangon. Pretty city on the banks of the romantic Ayeyarwady River, at the foot of the hill of the identical name. From Yangon, if traveling by car, it takes nearly 2 days. It is best to go by plane, a little expensive but save time.

Compared with numerous other capitals in the world, Mandalay has a slower pace of life. It is not vibrant, but still, silent. There are tremendous beautiful temples here, most notably the Mahamuni Pagoda, also known as Payagi, large Paya, Rakhang Paya.

Mandalay - City of the pearls

Besides, going to Mandalay, visitors cannot miss watching the sunset on U Bein bridges in the suburbs. This is the longest and oldest bridge in the world made of wood. The 1,200-meter-long bridge over Taungthaman Lake contains 1,086 pillars, 482 spans and thousands of planks which were removed from homes in Sagaing and Inwa for transportation. Moreover, you may bring a boat ride to see the freshwater dolphin on the Ayeyarwady River or to notice the 90-ton Mingun bell or Mya Nan San Kyaw - meaning "the fantastic royal palace in gold". Then, let’s notice a high destination and look away. From there, you could admire the tower of gold or silver iridescent, attraction among calm village.

This is a wonderful setting you could hardly forget in your best myanmar tours.

Distinctive specialties for your best burma journey

The cuisine is always one of the most curious features for any tourists when visiting a foreign land. In particular, for a country with a featured culture and customs as burma, the food industry is increasingly attracting both domestic and international tourists. Here are some interesting dishes that you should not miss for your best burma tours.

Laphet Thoke (tea leaf salad)

Laphet Thoke

The fermented tea leaves be able to be eaten as desserts, or could also be processed as a tea leaf salad. Sour and slightly bitter tea is mixed with cabbage, tomatoes, roasted beans, peppers and garlic. This specialty is really amazing while eating with or without rice.

Nangyi Thoke noodles

Nangyi Thoke noodles

Nangyi Thoke consists of thick round noodles with chicken, sliced chopped slices, and a few slices of boiled eggs. Ingredients are marinated with grilled chicken broth, turmeric, and chili oil, mixed well and eaten with vegetables and broth.

Shan rice (Nga Htamin)

Shan rice

Nga Htamin is also known as rice with fish. This Shan ethnic dishes consist of rice mixed with turmeric, then sprinkled with freshwater fish sauce and garlic oil. This food is eaten with leeks, fresh garlic, and crispy pork skin, creating a characteristic pungent flavor.

Burmese curry

Burmese curry

For this dish, you may choose curry made from beef, fish, shrimp, pork or lamb. Along with curries are countless side dishes including rice, salad, fried vegetables, soups, fresh vegetables,...with a variety of different sauces.

burma sweet snack

Myanmar sweet snack

Unlike Western delicacies, burma delicacies, collectively called "Moun", are eaten as snacks, not as desserts. Moun is totally sweet due to its natural ingredients like coconut milk, rice flour, glutinous rice and fruit. Some of the typical Moun is Sa-Nwin-Ma-Kin (coconut milk, typical cake, dairy butter, and raisin), bein Moun and Moun Pyit Thalet (Myanmar pancake).

Crispy crisps

Crispy crisps

In burma, you will see crispy crisps everywhere. The typical dish is Buthi Kyaw (crispy fried dough) with a sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind and bean flour.

Shan tofu noodle

Shan tofu noodle

One of the most special dishes in burma is Hto-Hpu-Nwe, meaning "warm tofu". The name is so but this dish does not own tofu but only porridge made from chicken chickpeas.

Because every adventurer site in myanmar is very interesting, you will be stunned if you go to this beautiful country for the original time. Without a doubt, our "Myanmar travel guide from A to Z" will be a amazing guideline for your best myanmar tourto learn something new about the world, to experience. Now, wake up your get to passion and uncover burma right away.

9 Best things to do in Yangon myanmar

The old capital of Yangon myanmar is one of the most captivating destinations when traveling in Asia. Coming here, visitors will be completely conquered by the lush green park, shady trees, and tropical green plants. This is why Yangon is called "Garden of the East". Before starting your Yangon journey, let’s learn some fundamental information about it and what to do when you come here in the below article

General Information about Yangon myanmar

Yangon was the capital of burma until 2006. This is the largest city and most important commercial center of burma.

Yangon myanmar is at the convergence of the Bago and Yangon Rivers, about 30 km from Martaban Bay and coordinates 16 ° 48 'N, 96 ° 09' E (16.8, 96.15). Its standard time zone is UTC / GMT +6: 30 hours.

Yangon has a tropical monsoon climate in the Köppen climate classification system. The city has a rainy season lasting from be able to to October, which receives heavy rainfall; and the dry season from November to April. Yangon has a region that is said to inclue a splendid climate, not as harsh or changeable as some other countries in Southeast Asia. That’s why you can visit to Yangon all year round.

A Corner of Yangon myanmar

What to do in Yangon?

1. Go to Shwedagon Pagoda

The original and most important religious place of Yangon burma is Shwedagon Pagoda.

people said that "not come to Shwedagon, not come to Myanmar". You will can truly understand the sentence from the moment you step into the 2500-years-old temple. This is truly a masterpiece that architects and builders created for this country. Visitors may even realize the sparkling tower of the temple from numerous locations in the city.

Shwedagon Pagoda is open from 4 am - 10 pm every day. Many Buddhist pilgrims to get to as well as visitors to adventure in the afternoon. This is the place to watch the sunset extremely good. When you go to the temple, you have to carry off your shoes, so bring a bag of nylon shoes, then put them in your backpack. Note when visiting the pagoda at noon, this time the heat will make the brick background extremely hot, you need to be careful when walking barefoot.

Shwedagon - The Golden Pagoda in Yangon


This lake is one of two major lakes in Yangon burma, located in the East of Shwedagon Pagoda, the lake is artificial and it has attractive views.

Kandawgyi located in the population of the charming Kandawgyi National Park in the heart of Yangon. This is what a perfect place for people who love the peace and calm, away from all the hustle and bustle.

Come here, you be able to see many pretty views at any time of the day. Among that, most of the visitors like the setting of the sunset when the sea sky changes numerous outstanding colors.


This market is situated on Bo Gyoke road. Here, besides admiring the architecture of this market, visitors can also buy some loveable handmade souvenirs for their friends and relatives such as carpets, paintings, jewelry, wood carvings, etc.

Some traditional markets tend to own more abundant foods in the morning than noon and evening. But Bogyoke Aung San is not. Whenever you arrive, you can calm relax amazing food. However, you have to keep in mind that the market closes charming early, around 5 pm.

If you just want to experience pure local markets, it's a wonderful idea to get to other markets, like Thiri Mingalar, where there are countless products and intriguing food. As for Bogyoke Aung San, it is also an architectural and historical adventure.

4. Sule Pagoda

After visiting Shwedagon Temple, Sule Pagoda is the second temple you should get to in Yangon burma. The temple is visited regularly and revered by local people.

Visitors be able to get to the Sule Pagoda at any time of the day. You could not be planning to adventure the Sule Pagoda prior, but during your Yangon trip, you will perhaps be passing through because of its location on the main street in the center of the city.


Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple is the most well-known Buddhist temple in Bahan Township, Yangon burma. When you enter this temple, you'll see its most notable attraction. That’s a 65-meter long bejeweled reclining Buddha. It's broad and imposing with delicate features.

You can enter Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple for free, however, there will be some charity boxes for you to donate.

If you're visiting off the City Circular train, get off at ‘Myittanyunt' and bring a short taxi ride to the temple from there.

Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda Yangon myanmar


This place is called ‘’the pocket of greenery’’ in the center of Yangon myanmar. This is a favorite spot for couples.

It's also ideally located for views of the Shwedagon Pagoda across the street. So don’t forget to carry a short stroll through here on your way to the Shwedagon.


China Town could appear in different countries and all of them are full of interesting things. Yangon burma also has Chinatown. Don’t forget to spend the time to go to this town.

Moreover, to feel the life of the people here and contain some comparisons with the Chinatown that you inclue arrived, you could also relax countless attractive dishes.

The best time to discover China Town in Yangon is in the evening. Come here and feel the lively atmosphere of the neighborhood and taste the delicious food.

8. Yangon’s road food

Wander around Yangon's city center, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Myanmar's street delights like Koh Pu, Koh Pieh, Nangyithoke, Kauknyintok, or Bein Mont, Mont Lone Yay Paw,… A day in the life of Yangon’s road food will leave you opening your eyes, licking your fingers to taste the typical cuisine of burma

You'll often find "Safe Food" slapped on a vendor's cart. This is also an unforgettable experience for visitors.


Situated on a attractive and spacious campus at 66/74 Pyay road, Dagon District (Yangon Region of Myanmar), the National Museum of myanmar was built in 1996 as a luxurious five-story building, introducing Myanmar's glamorous historical and cultural collections in the areas of archeology, ethnography, habit, religion, and culture - art ...

The entry fee for foreigners is 5,000 kyats (about US$3.60) and it should be noted that bags and cameras are not allowed inside. However, lockers are available for use. For those who want to beeline it to the Royal Lion Throne, it's conveniently located on the ground floor, not far from the entrance. It has its have room, which is clearly marked; you can't miss it.

In addition, if you possess much time, you could join in other activities like adventure Swal Taw Pagoda, Taw Gyi Temple, find Saint Mary’s Cathedral, sit at a local tea shop, enjoy sunset views at Botahtaung harbor,… Hope that your days at Yangon myanmar will be wonderful!

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With thousands of old temples, pristine nature and special culture, burma adventure now becomes one of the most captivating destinations in Southeast Asia for both domestic and international tourists. Travel this charming country, you may choose for yourself a lot of unique experiences with different types of travel vehicles like bicycles, horse carts, motorbikes,... And if you dream to get a bird’s eye sight of the astounding beauty of this antique city in myanmar, let's try balloons over Bagan. Here we would such as to show you some useful guidelines to help you get a noteworthy balloons tours in Bagan.

Sunrise in Bagan - a heavenly sight

Bagan is the ancient capital of myanmar site and formerly known as Pagan. Known as the royal capital of Bagan kingdom, this charming city existed from the 9th to the 13th centuries in central burma. Bagan has an area of about 25 square miles, with thousands of temples, pagodas, and monasteries built since the inception of the new Buddhist traditions in myanmar.

Sunrise in Bagan -  a heavenly scenery

Today, Bangan owns more than 2,000 temples and pagodas that are comparable to Cambodia's Angkor Wat and Borobudur in Java, Indonesia. The old beauty of Bagan is clearly visible through the well known architecture at the most renowned temples of Bagan, one of which is the Shwezigon Golden Temple. This is the primary gold temple built in myanmar and also a representative sample of the other temples later.

Besides "the most ancient" Shwezigon Temple, Bagan also has "the most beautiful" Ananda Pagoda; "the highest" Thatbyinyu Temple and lastly "the most massive" Dhamma Yangyi Pagoda. The combination of twinkling gold-domed towers and red brick roofs stands out on the green backdrop of bushes create a amazing picture. Your adventure to Bagan will not be complete without a pleasant experience such as seeing the dawn at Bulethi Temple, exploring antique Bagan by bike, horse-drawn carriage or by foot, exploring each of the temples in Bagan, conquer the holy mountain of Popa and uncover the countryside, relax the traditional specialties of Bagan, admire the panorama of Bagan from above.

In particular, to admire the panorama of nature and spectacular Bagan spectacle, hot air balloons will be ideal companions to help you capture this magnificent moment.

Under hundred of colorful hot air balloons, the panoramic landscape of Bagan with thousands of gleaming temples by sunlight and the mist slowly appears. This splendid aerial journey is also a great chance to help you admire the sun that is slowly rising in a magical way. Floating in the air for an hour, you will be served snacks and relax the most unforgettable feeling in your life. Come to Bagan and jump on enormous colorful hot air balloons right away.

Distinctive features of balloons over Bagan

If you want to experience more of Bagan, you should not miss a magnificent adventure with balloons over Bagan and a panoramic view of antique temples from above. Because hundreds of colorful hot air balloon glittering in the sunrise sky are the symbol of Bagan.

Distinctive features of balloons over Bagan

Balloons over Bagan is an tour sport. However, if you are smart and patient as well as passionate about exploring, you will definitely own a fantastic experience. With every flight on the hot air balloon, you be able to completely be assured of the quality of the British canon of this type of transport, and experts are always ready to assist to ensure the safety of your tour by balloons over Bagan.

There are three renowned balloon suppliers in Bagan: Bagan - Golden Eagle, Balloons Over Bagan and Oriental Ballooning. In particular, Balloons Over Bagan is the oldest and most well known company. The price for a 40-50 minutes adventure on the air balloon is $ 380 per person, a attractive high number. This price includes:
- Shuttle service at the hotel at, return at
- Tea and coffee previous boarding the Air Balloon.
- Fly in the Bagan sky from 40 to 50 minutes depending on weather conditions
- Champagne and cakes at the finish of the tour

Your complete adventure begins previous the sunrise and lasts about 3.5 hours, of which 45-60 minutes are in the balloon. Hot air balloon journey are only conducted from April to October, with wonderful weather, no rain and soft winds. Thanks to that, a splendid tour with balloons over Bagan will offer tourists a serene and quiet bird's-eye sight of antique temples, majestic nature, picturesque city drifting by. After that, with glamorous experience and years of local knowledge in Bagan, the pilot be able to control your hot air balloon to the landing point, where you be able to relax a romantic meal with fresh fruit, delicious cake and a glass of champagne to complete your splendid flight.

featured notes

As mentioned, balloons over Bagan is an journey sport. Therefore, you need to fully prepare and pay attention to the following:
- You should wear long-sleeved trouser and shirt from 100% natural fibers.
- Children under the age of eight years will not be allowed to join in the flight. With a child under the age of sixteen years, it will only be flown if accompanied by a responsible adult.
- You need to provide accurate information about your weight to the pilot. Failure to provide accurate information in improve can result in refusal of the flight at the point of departure, so no refund will be given.

And now when everything is ready, your burma flight will start. You will could realize the panorama of magnificent Bagan from above, admire the thousands of old temples hidden in the mist, relax the picturesque dawn and experience the true flavor of this astonishing country from a different perspective. This is a amazing experience, whether your companion is a relative or a stranger. Because, when together enjoying the glamorous scenery from the sky, it will peaceful be unforgettable memories.

balloons over Bagan

Wander around the skies of this picturesque city with balloons over Bagan will certainly give you a completely new feeling with tremendous interesting activities: admire the panoramic spectacle of Bagan from above, float over the old temples, experience the captivating sunrise, enjoy the romantic meal with cake and champagne ...It will be a fascinating experience that you could hardly find all over the world.

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trẻ lười ăn, bé lười ăn là dễ khiến bé yêu chậm lớn, còi xương và kém thông minh. Nhưng đôi khi ba má không hiểu hết về nguyên nhân gây ra tình trạng trẻ lười ăn nên ba mẹ thường lúng túng trong việc cải thiện tình hình này.

Vì sao trẻ lười ăn ? Tại sao be luoi an ?
Bé lười ăn do thói quen ăn uống không tốt của trẻ
Những thói quen này thường là do ba cha mẹ vô tình tạo ra cho bé yêu. Nhất là trong giai đoạn bé học ăn dặm, là khoảng thời gian bé luyện tập để phát triển thị giác và chức năng nhai. Nhưng nếu ba mẹ chủ quan trong thời kì này có thể tạo cho bé thói quen nhai nuốt chậm chạm, ngậm thức ăn trong miệng. Bé chỉ thích tiếp nhận thực phẩm “lỏng”, ngại nhai các loại thức ăn như rau xanh, trái cây, thịt băm …

trẻ lười ăn do bé yêu không tập trung ăn uống
Khi bắt đầu biết ăn, bé yêu rất thích ăn kẹo ngọt và socola. Nếu ba má cho bé ăn tùy tiện sẽ dẫn tới tình trạng bé “lửng dạ” và không hứng thú với bữa ăn chính nữa. Một điểm khiến bé không hứng thú nữa là bé thường vừa ăn vừa chơi hoặc vừa ăn vừa xem tivi. Chính những hoạt động ngoài lệ này đã gây phân tán sự tập trung ăn uống của trẻ nhỏ, tác động xấu tới cảm giác ngon miệng. Hình thành tình tạng bé lười ăn qua thời gian.

Giờ ăn “tùy hứng” dẫn tới trẻ lười ăn
Bé có thể ăn bất kỳ lúc nào là một thói quen không tốt. Bé không phân biệt rõ được cảm giác no, đói mà bé chỉ ăn khi thấy thích. Điều này làm cho mỗi bữa trẻ nhỏ ăn không nhiều và cũng không thực sự thấy ngon.
Bé lười ăn vì cha mẹ chiều bé chỉ cho bé ăn những gì bé thích
Ba má chỉ cho bé ăn những món bé khoái khẩu. Vì cho rằng ăn những món bé thích bé sẽ ăn nhiều hơn. Song đây là một thói quen không tốt vì nó khiến bé yêu không thể hấp thụ đầy đủ dinh dưỡng, cũng như bỏ qua những món ăn ngon có thể bé thích. Và đặc biệt là bé rất nhanh chán món ăn “khoái khẩu” của chính mình, dẫn đến bé lười ăn ngay cả với những món khoái khẩu ấy

Không khí ăn uống thoải mái và ấm áp bị bỏ qua
Một điểm rất quan trọng đó là nhiều ba cha mẹ thường không chú ý tới không khí ăn uống. Khi bé không ăn các cha mẹ thường thiếu kiên nhẫn mà nổi nóng hoặc tức giận, khiến không khi ăn uống căng thẳng. Dần dần bé sẽ rất sợ ăn uống. Và một điều mà nhiều ba cha mẹ bỏ qua đó là không khí gia đình trong bữa ăn vì ba mẹ thường cho bé ăn riêng, trước hoặc sau bữa ăn của cả nhà. Ba má chưa biết rằng nếu ăn cùng với các thành viên khác, bé yêu sẽ ăn ngon hơn và nhiều hơn so với khi ăn một mình.

Tình trạng bệnh lý khiến trẻ lười ăn
Một nhóm lí do khác dẫn tới tình trạng bé lười ăn đó chính là do trẻ không khỏe trong người. Cũng giống như người lớn, khi trẻ nhỏ không khỏe, trẻ nhỏ cũng chán ăn. Bé yêu có thể gặp khó khăn trong việc nhai nuốt do mọc răng, đau họng… khiến bé không muốn ăn. Tình trạng này kéo dài làm cho bé không hứng thú với việc ăn uống.
trẻ nhỏ lười ăn do bị rối loạn tiêu hóa
bé yêu có thể lười ăn do hệ tiêu hóa của bé yêu hoạt động không bình thường. Bé yêu có cảm giác buồn nôn, đau bụng, nặng hơn là tiêu chảy, táo bón, những biểu hiện này đều khiến trẻ nhỏ có cảm giác không muốn ăn. Nguyên nhân có thể là đường ruột của trẻ nhỏ bị loạn khuẩn, rối loạn sự co bóp hoặc tiết dịch trong dạ dày và ruột.

Bé bị nhiễm khuẩn
Khi bé yêu bị virus hoặc vi khuẩn xâm nhập, gây viêm nhiễm một số cơ quan như tai, mũi, họng, mắt, đường tiêu hóa khiến trẻ nhỏ bị ho, sốt virus và mệt. Trẻ nhỏ không muốn ăn và ăn rất hiếm khi.

Tất cả các tình trạng bệnh lý kéo dài đều hình thành ở trẻ một thói quen ăn ít hơn và không hứng thú với việc ăn uống. Các cơ chế sản sinh dịch và enzyme cũng vì thế mà lười hoạt động hơn, góp phần vào tình trạng trẻ nhỏ lười ăn.

bé yêu lười ăn má phải làm gì ?
Trước hết cha mẹ nên tìm hiểu ra lí do chính làm cho trẻ nhỏ lười ăn. Mặt khác cha mẹ cần xây dựng lại chế độ ăn khoa học và rất thích hợp với bé yêu. Đưa trẻ đi khám bác sĩ để chữa trị nếu như trẻ nhỏ gặp các vấn đề về tiêu hoá, nguyên nhân chính gây biếng ăn, lười ăn ở bé yêu. Sau đó má hãy tự lên thực đơn tuần các món ăn với sự thay đổi, mới mẻ cho bé.

Khi bé chán ăn cha mẹ không nên ép hay cố nhồi nhét cho bé yêu. Hành động đó chỉ khiến trẻ nhỏ phát hoảng và nôn trớ thức ăn ra ngoài. Tạo cho bé thói quen ăn vui vẻ lý thú, bàn ăn đa dạng những món ăn được trưng bày ngộ nghĩnh sẽ tạo hứng thú cho bé ăn ngay ấy mà! Má và bé hãy cùng viết lên “nhật ký mum mum” để bé háo hức hơn cho các bữa tiếp theo và nhìn lại mỗi bữa bé ăn mấy bát cơm, mấy chén canh, có sự tiến bộ rõ rệt như thế nào nhé!

Chúc các má sớm khác phục được tình trạng bé lười ăn nhé !

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Uncover the myanmar map for a complete trip

burma is the ancient name of burma - the Buddhist country with tens of thousands of temples, pagodas and antique cultures that are preserved intact until now. Located in the northwest of the Sino-Indian Peninsula, in recent years, burma is considered as an beautiful destination for international visitors. To get a complete and noteworthy trip in this country, previous going, you need to learn a bit about the burma map. Use the map below to begin planning a trip to burma - The Golden Land in the world.

Introduction about myanmar country

burma is a country in Southeast Asia, northwestern Indian Peninsula. It has 5,876 km of borderlines with China (2,185 km), Thailand (1,800 km), India (1,463 km), Laos (235 km) and Bangladesh (193 km). The coastline is 1,930 km long. Area 676,577 km². Myanmar gained independence from Britain in 1948 and became the Union of myanmar Socialist Republics in 1974 and later changed to the Union of myanmar in 1988.

myanmar is the name derived from the local name Myanma Naingngandaw. It was used in the early 12th century but its origins are still unclear. The root of this name is Brahmadesh in Sanskrit, meaning "land of Brahma", the Hindu god of all creatures.

burma - The country of gold pagodas

Yangon is the old capital and also the largest city of burma. Now, The capital of this country is Naypyidaw.

myanmar has a population of 50,020,000 people with 135 ethnic groups and tribes, including Burmese (68%), San (9%), Karen (7%), Chinese (3%), Indians (2%), Mon (2%) and other ethnic groups (5%)

The burma map

1. Geographical location

myanmar is a republic in Southeast Asia with the coordinates 16 ° 48 'north latitude, 96 ° 09' east latitude (16.8, 96.15), according to the GMT/GMT +6: 30-hour zone.
- In the north: bordered by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China
- In the east: bordered by China, Laos, and Thailand
- In the south: bordered by the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal
- In the West: bordered the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, and India.
The total area of the country is 676,552 square kilometers (261,218 square miles), makes it the largest country in the mainland Southeast Asia and is the 40th largest country in the world (after Zambia). It is slightly smaller than Texas and slightly larger than Afghanistan.

The myanmar map image

2. Topographic characteristics

The horseshoe-shaped mountains and valleys of the Ayarwaddy River system (Irrawaddy) are the major terrain features in myanmar. The mountains at the north edge are 5881 meters high, on top of Hkakabo Razi, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. Two other mountain systems inclue axes from north to south. The Arakan Yoma area, with its peaks reaching over 2740 meters, separates myanmar and the Indian subcontinent. Bilauktaung area, south of the Shan plateau, lies along the border between south-west Thailand and southeastern myanmar. The Shan plateau, originating from China, has an average elevation of about 910 meters.
The continent is generally narrow and long, with central ridges about 320 km stretching over the Ayarwaddy-Sittaung plain. The deltas, especially the country's most fertile and economically important lands, cover an area of about 46,620 square kilometers (18,000 square miles). Both the Arakan coast (northwest) and Tenasserim (south-west) of myanmar is full of rocks and are surrounded by islands.

3. Known for traveler destinations on burma map

Yangon (16.8661° N, 96.1951° E): Formerly known as Rangoon, with over 7 million citizen, Yangon is Myanmar's largest city and its most important commercial centre. On the map of burma, Yangon is located in Lower burma (Myanmar) at the convergence of the Yangon and Bago Rivers about 30 km(19 mi) away from the Gulf of Martaban at 16°48' North, 96°09' East (16.8, 96.15). Its criteria time zone is UTC/GMT +6:30 hours.

The map of burma with cities

Bagan (21.1717° N, 94.8585° E): This is an antique city located in the Mandalay Region of myanmar. The Bagan Archaeological Zone is the main highlight for the country's nascent tourism industry. It is seen by numerous as equal in highlight to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, with over 2,200 temples and pagodas still survive to the present day.

The Bagan Archaeological Zone, defined as the 13 x 8 km area centered around ancient Bagan, consisting of Nyaung U in the north and New Bagan in the south, lies in the vast expanse of plains in Upper myanmar on the bend of the Irrawaddy river. On the myanmar map, it is located 290 kilometers (180 mi) south-west of Mandalay and 700 kilometers (430 mi) north of Yangon. It accorde to the GMT/GMT +6: 30-hour zone.

Inle Lake (20.5863° N, 96.9102° E): This is a freshwater lake located in the Nyaungshwe Township of Taunggyi District of Shan State, part of Shan Hills in burma (Burma). It is the second largest lake in myanmar with an estimated surface area of 44.9 square miles (116 km2), and one of the highest at an elevation of 2,900 feet (880 m). During the dry season, the average water depth is 7 feet (2.1 m), with the deepest point being 12 feet (3.7 m), but during the rainy season this may increase by 5 feet (1.5 m).

Hope that the useful information about the burma map above will help you on exploring myanmar and having attractive experiences in this Golden Land - one of the most magical and undiscovered destinations in the world.